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Did Jefferson support a national bank yes or no?

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Why didn't Jefferson veto the national bank?

Granting Congress any power not explicitly granted by the Constitution will remove all limits on its power other than what Congress itself believes to be the good of the nati

Why didn't Jefferson want a national bank?

Thomas Jefferson the 3rd President of the United States of Americadid not want a national bank because he was in fear the potentialincrease for the national debt that it posed

Why did Thomas Jefferson oppose a national bank?

Thomas Jefferson opposed the creation of the Bank of the United States because the Constitution did not specifically grant power to Congress to create one. Alexander Hamilton

What did Jefferson and Hamilton think of national bank?

First of all Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had two very different views on many things. Thomas Jefferson was a republican, the majority of republicans and republican

Why did Jefferson disagree with the formation of the national bank?

Thomas Jefferson believed that an increase in the power of the  government, which a national bank would surely provide, would lead  to tyranny. He felt the bank of the Unite

Did president Jefferson abolish the national bank?

No- the first bank of the US was chartered for 20 years in 1791. The charter expired in 1811 after Jefferson had left office and Madison was the President.

Why did jefferson and madision oppose the national bank?

They believed it was unconstitutional because it was not stated in the constitution that one of the powers of the federal government was to create a national bank. Hamilton ho