Did John Wayne have a house in Baja California?

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he owned a ranch in durango Mexico with another fellow actor ,two movies were later filmed there.
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Is Baja California at the bottom of California?

On a map, yes. California is one of the United States of America. Baja California is one of the states of the United States of Mexico and lies south of California and no

How do you get to Baja California?

You could take a flight into Tijuana, Mexicali, La Paz or Los Cabos (the most important cities on the region) or you could drive from the US-Mexico border at San Diego, Califo

Why does Baja California belong to California?

It doesn't; it belongs to Mexico. Baja California (Lower California, in Mexico) was first visited by Spanish in 1533. The present U.S. state was called Alta (Upper) California

What land forms are in baja California?

The El Vizcaino desert, which is part of the Sonoran desert; the Sierra de Juarez and Sierra de San Pedro mountain ranges and the Colorado River delta (called Laguna Salada) w

What is the relative location of Baja California?

South of the US State of California (capital: Sacramento), in the country of Mexico. It is the long but slim "finger" or peninsula that protrudes from Southern California and

Is John Wayne Gacy's house haunted?

Actually Gacy's house was long ago demolished and another home was built on the site. I have heard that strange things are heard and seen but if this is true I have no way of