Did Justin kelly of the latest buzz luved rebecca Harper of the latest buzz?

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Uhmm in real life? no they actually had alot of fights lol but in the show he did you question is kind of confusing
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In the latest buzz does Noah tell Rebecca how he really feels about her?

He tells Michael how he feels in The Fakeout Issue and Michael acts as his wingman. He tells Wilder in The Wizard of Buzz Issue where he also plans to tell Rebecca, but realiz

In latest Buzz Do rebecca and Noah like each other?

Yes Noah and Rebecca like each other. I think so because in The School Dance Issue Noah writes a song for his crush and ends up asking rebecca to the dance anyway. Plus In Th

When do Rebecca and Noah get together on the latest buzz?

Noah and Rebecca get together in The First Impressions Issue in Series 2. However at the start of season 3, Noah finds out that over the summer Rebecca kissed a guy named Elli

What is the latest buzz about?

the latest buzz is about a group of young students who are hired to work at a magazine column. it is a comedy show that includes ton of laughter!!!!and it also join the romanc
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Was the show 'the latest buzz' cancelled?

Yes , it is cancelled because the writer didn't have more events to add and it kind of done i mean wilder and Amanda kissed on the last episode which i think that all the show