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No, this is a common misconception about Kate Gosselin's upbringing. Her father operates a campground across from the family home where Kate Gosselin grew up.
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Why did Jon and Kate Gosselin break up?

Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced due to irreconcilable differences. One contributor says: I think because Jon did not want to do the show anymore, but Kate wouldn't stop it.

What is up with Kate Gosselin parents?

Kate's father is a minister. They often clashed in the past. The final straw that caused the divide between Kate and her parent's were the donations her Father's church offere

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Why are Jon and Kate Gosselin breaking up?

Jon and Kate drifted apart and at some point wanted different things for their family. Both Jon and Kate have admitted that their aspirations and goals were no longer in comm

What was life like for Kate Gosselin growing up?

"My childhood, was much more boring than our eight kids. I did nothing, I sat around, but that's why me and Jon do things with the kids." -Kate Gosselin (a quote from the sh

Can Kate Gosselin pick up Cara Gosselin?

Strange thing to want to know... but given Kate Gosselin's  committment to her personal fitness, she could probably pick up  every one of her children.   Cara and Mady a