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Did Kate Gosselin grow up in a trailer park?

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No, this is a common misconception about Kate Gosselin's upbringing. Her father operates a campground across from the family home where Kate Gosselin grew up.
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Are Kate gosselins parents alive?

Yes, Kate Gosselins are alive and well and live in central Pennsylvania.     Yes. Kate's parents are both still alive and living in the same part of Pennsylvania as the

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin have an agent?

Kate's agent is Media Motion. They have her listed on their website under clients. Jon's agent is Amanda Baggett of MKS & Associates.

Did Jon or Kate Gosselin get the house?

In the episode announcing their divorce, Kate stated that the house would remain "The Kids' House". But, I think that Kate is more or less the owner because she has primary cu

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Although Kate Gosselin hasn't spoken about her veneers, she probably got veneers for the same reason a lot of people got them: they are not satisfied with their smile, and wan

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What is up with Kate Gosselin parents?

Kate's father is a minister. They often clashed in the past. The final straw that caused the divide between Kate and her parent's were the donations her Father's church offere

What did Jon Gosselin do to Kate Gosselin?

This depends on what you mean by the meaning I think your talking about is cheating - that is a subject of great speculation. Jon has maintained that he never cheated on kate

Who is Kate Gosselin?

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What do you think the gosselins will be when they grow up and why?

Cara Nicole Gosselin - I think Cara will be a kindergarden teacher because she always has the little kids under control and is generally very kind and gentle. Madelyn Kate G