Did Lucille Ball have red hair?

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Lucille's natural hair color was a light to medium brown with reddish tones. She then bleached it to a blonde and then she became a red head to be different from the other platinum blonde starlets.
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Who was Lucille Ball?

Lucille Ball was an American comedienne, and television, stage andradio actress, model, film and television executive who was born onAugust 6, 1911 and died on April 26, 1989.

How was Lucille Ball discovered?

While working as a model in New York City, Lucille Ball posed for a painting in an elegant dress. The painter later added in two greyhounds for a touch of class. He then sold

When did lucille ball start acting?

She began acting in the early 1930's as a contract actor for the studios. She does appear in many early films, but without the flaming red hair.

Does Lucille Ball have a brother?

Lucille Ball's brother, christened Frederick Henry Ball, was born when she was four, in 1915. He was fondly called Fritzie-boy and Freddie. He became Desi Arnaz's band manager

Who raised lucille ball?

She was raised for a few years by her Swedish stepfather's parents, who were very strict and did not allow play. But, they taught her to be a Puritan, which changed her lifest

Why did Lucille Ball dye her hair carrot?

in miss ball's own words on a TV talk show once. she used to bleach her blond back in the 30's during the jean Harlow craze. but her hair started to turn out greenish blond. a
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Was Lucille ball really a red head?

No. W hile most people associate Lucille Ball with blazing red hair, she wasn't a natural redhead. A natural brunette, she colored her hair blonde as a starlet in the 1930s