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Did Mark Zuckerberg really have a full score in the SAT s?

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Close. 1590 out of 1600.
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Why is mark zuckerberg famous?

Mark Zuckerberg was the person who made facebook. Mark is the co-founder and the chief Executive officer of the Social networking site, Facebook. The success of the website f

What is a really good SAT score?

SAT tips The SAT perfect score you can get is a 2400. But very few even make it to the 2000 range. Anything above 1600 is great. Also don't go off topic with you're essay, if

Who is Mark Zuckerberg?

pretty little bas tard The primary owner and creator of Facebook. He used the programming  language PHP to code his website.

How did mark zuckerberg make facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook by coding in a language know as php. He used many types but this is the one that was mostly used. It isn't the fact that he created the websit