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Did Martha reeves have any siblings?

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did martha reeves have any sidling
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How many siblings does Dana Reeve have?

Dana Reeve was an American actress and singer who was also the wifeof Christopher Reeve. Dana passed away in 2006 from lung cancer andshe has two siblings, both sisters.

Did Martha Washington have any siblings?

According to Wikipedia biography on Martha, she had four sisters, the others being Anna Marie "Fanny" Dandridge Bassett (1739-1777), Frances Dandridge (1744-1757), Elizabeth D

Did Martha Graham have any siblings?

this website lies and if you try to get information off of this for a report for school or something half of it will probably be false!!!!! THIS WEBSITE SUCKS!!! No, it does

Who were Martha Washington's siblings?

Martha Washington' had nine siblings. Her brothers were John Dandridge (23 Feb 1732 - 23 Jul 1749), William Dandridge (2 Mar 1734 - 22 Jan 1776) and Bartholomew Dandridge (2