Did Mu Or Lemuria pacific lost continent ever really exist they are or were counterparts of the better known Atlantis?

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Before the theory of continental drift explained the presence of similar animals in widely separated land masses. The the lost continent theory emerged to explain why fossil records showed signs of lemurs existing not only in Madagascar as they do now but also in India.

The geologist Philip Sclater arrived at the theory that Madagascar and India had once been connected by land mass. This super continent he dubbed Lemuria after the lemurs.
Later the founder of Spiritualism Madam Blavatsky claimed that Lemuria had been a continent on which the third "root race" evolved and that it had been sunken by angry gods when the Lemurians started performing bestiality.

Mu was first mentioned by Augustus Le Plongeon an antiquarian who believed he had translated ancient Mayan writing that had said that the Mayans came from a lost continent named Mu. The translations he used were later found to be incorrect and no lost continent of Mu is mentioned in them.
Mu has roots in Native American Legend as well. The Chumash people of southern California have told stories of the "First People." They speak of a land called Mu, often referred to as Lemuria.

Traces of this lost culture are believed to exist in California. Journalist Robert Stanley claims monoliths, one resembling the Egyptian Sphynx, walls, culverts, and stone platforms exist in a remote section of Southern California mountains. Mysterious stone walls are also found throughout northern California, which do not correspond with borders or property lines. These walls were recorded by the spanish when they first explored California. The native Americans looked at these walls with mysticim and do not know their origin. Caves full of crystalline sculptures are said to be hiding in so cal mountains, and the Chumash people are scared of them. These figures are claimed to represent ancient animals, unknown to the stone age Indians.

Likewise, local legend tells of a cave culture hidden beneath mount shasta in California. This civilization is said to be lavishly constructed of crystal and magnificent metal, with crystal temples. This seems scientifically possible, after all an enourmous cave of crystals was discovered in Mexico. Tall, fairskinned, blue eyed grey haired people are rumored to drift about in localities near, and lights are seen on the mountain.

It is also known that a great flood or catastrophic rise in sea level submerged a southern California valley, bordered on the north by the Santa Monica mountains, and on the south by the present day channel islands. On this archipelago, the oldest human remains in America were found, dated at 13,000 years old.
A lynguistic link with Mu may exist within Chumash language. Many of the villages in the vicinity of the monoliths and caves end with the sequence of letters, "mu."

A giant submerged pyramid was discovered in Japan, and a similar sunken pyramid was said to be discovered near Hawaii, and covered up by the Navy.
Both Lemuria and Mu have come back into pop culture do to the reptoid conspiracy theories by such people as David Icke.
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