Did Sweden have colonies?

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Yes, Sweden did have an empire. They took over much of Scandinavia and some parts of mainland Europe. Sweden also had colonies in Africa and the Americas (Caribbean islands and present day Delaware were part of Sweden).
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Which colony was known as New Sweden?

The colonies in the Delaware river valley were known as New Sweden.These colonies were located in parts of New Jersey, in Delaware,and in Pennsylvania.

Colony founded by New Sweden Company?

New Sweden was Sweden's only colony on mainland North America and survived for almost 20 years before being taken over by the Dutch. Sweden also held two Caribbean colonies: S

What was established by Sweden taken by the English colonies?

In 1638 the Swedish West India Company established a settlement on the Delaware River near to present day Wilmington. It was called Ft. Christina and didn't last very long. It
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Which colonies was originally known as new Sweden?

New Sweden was a Swedish colony along thelower reaches of Delaware River inNorth America from 1638 to 1655 in the present-day American Mid-Atlantic states of Delaware ,