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Did Thomas Jefferson write any of the US Constitution?

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No. Jefferson did not write the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. He was in France during the Constitutional Convention and during the congressional debate over the Bill of Rights.
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Did Thomas Jefferson write the Constitution?

No, but he is credited for writing the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was in France at the time of the Constitutional Convention.

Thomas Jefferson Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson is probably more famous for the Declaration of Independence. This document is often confused with our constitution. When it comes to the writing of the consti

Where was Thomas Jefferson when the Constitution was signed?

Answer   Thomas Jefferson did not sign the Constitution, nor was he present at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Neither was he present when the First Amendmen

Did Thomas Jefferson write a book?

No he did not but he did write the draft to the Declaration of Independence

Why did Thomas Jefferson support the constitution?

  Thomas Jefferson acually was a antifedaralist, or someone who didn't support the constition. He thought it would take away the colonists rights as free people.

What did Thomas Jefferson do to help with the Constitution?

(Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. He was in France during the Constitutional Convention.) But Jefferson and other Federalists wo

What style of writing does Thomas Jefferson use?

Formal. One with lots of parallel sentences and paragraphs. Just look at the Declaration of Independence and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

What was Thomas Jefferson famous for writing?

Jefferson was famous for writing the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. He is also famous for writing a often misunderstood sentence "The separation of church a

Why did Thomas Jefferson not sign the US Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson did not sign the Constitution, nor was he present at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 or when the First Amendment and religious freedoms were debated in