Did adult model Nikki Nova do a hard core scene?

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Yes. She did a single XXX blowjob scene.
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Is Nikki nova bi?

Because of the degree of what she is comfortable with professionally, she has only basically done g/g work when working with someone else during a shoot....but in real life, N

Is Nikki nova gay?

Though she has done simulated g/g scenes during her career...she isn't gay...Nikki is 100% straight.

Who is model Nikki hobden?

Nikki Hobden(born August 6, 1966, in Brent England) she lived in Bedfordshire for 20 years before moving down to Cornwall in 2007, she is currently an English glamour model (c

How can you make a scene name with Nikki?

well... scene girls(and boys) usually make up just random names. if you want to make a name out of nikkii you can do... nikki rainbow nikki hearts nikki murder nikki

What happened to Nikki Nova?

After 14 years+ in the business, she's still around. At age 34, she pretty much keeps everything exclusive to her official website nikkinova.com & does work on some cam sites