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Did any US soldiers serve four combat tours of duty in Vietnam?

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Yes his name was CPL Wolfe 3rd MAR DIV 3RD RECON Bn. Check the Marine Corps Gazette Oct 1967
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What is combat duty in the Vietnam War?

This is a question best left to the bar at the local VFW or American Legion. Is an "eye ball to eye ball" confrontation required? Perhaps you need a knife fight in the dark of

Who introduced the tour of duty in Vietnam?

  US Servicemen served in the US Armed Forces for the DURATION during WWII. After WWII, studies were done on combat fatique, along with a host of other experiences from WW

Where there any combats in the Vietnam War?

  1. Air War over North Vietnam (MIGS vs US JETS)   2. Land/Ground War in South Vietnam (Patton tanks and ACAVs)   3. Riverine War in South Vietnam. (Swift Boats & M

How many combat tours did the USS Intrepid serve in the Vietnam War?

First tour May-Oct '66; Second tour Jun-Nov '67. Item of note: LTjg William T. Patton flying a "Spad" (A1 Skyraider, propeller driven dive bomber), shot down a NVAF MiG17 dur

Did any US soldier serve in World War 2 as well as Korea and Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was the last war fought by WWII veterans. Nearly all of the career US military men in Vietnam over the age of forty were WWII and/or Korean War vets. Col Robin

What was the tour of duty in Vietnam?

One year. If a man landed on the 4th of July, then he DEROs'd out on the 4th of July the following year. Draftees did 24 months in the OD (Olive Drab-slang at the time for the

How long did a US soldier serve during the Vietnam War?

Combat tours in the Vietnam war may have varied in the different US branches (US Marines, US Sailors, US Airmen, US Coast Guardsmen). For US Soldiers the initial tour was 365