Did cavemen have bars?

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Beer and wine, because of their high carbohydrate content, were a source of nutrition when other foods were not available. Beer was more of a household staple, but was enjoyed at holidays and festivals in many societies over time.

I highly doubt it. However, it is still possible that they made alcohol and drank it with their friends.

Wine is one of the easier things to make, and occasionally prison inmates make it behind bars. So cavemen could have certainly made alcohol. Fruit contains sugar and is often covered with yeast. Both of those are ingredients needed to make alcohol, along with water. Mead is also simple to make, since you would use honey, water, and yeast.

Ancient peoples had crude containers for storing wine. Sometimes they were bags made from animal skins, or they were bottles made from clay -- with cork or other soft wood to use for a stopper. Whether this applied to cavemen is another story.
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cavemen are homless people who live in caves and eat cows and bugs

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I'm not too sure how cavemen died but maybe because of wild animals like sabretooths.. I'm not too sure how cavemen died but maybe because of wild animals like sabretooths.

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"Caveman" is something of a Victorian idea; there is little evidence that early humans lived in caves - just as nowadays, practically no humans live in caves.
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yes. Becuase they invented the very first writings, they made tools like hammers, and carving tools