Did niue fight in war?

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Please contact the Museum of New Zealand for World War 2 at the link below. We found no records of people from the Cook Islands (of which Nieu is one) serving with the Royal Forces from New Zealand. The Museum Curator or assistant could help you. They have an email contact on their web site.
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Who was fighting in the Civil War and how did the war end?

The civil war was fought between the southern states and the northern states from 1861-1865. The northern states had more men more factories to produce cannons and muskets and more uniforms. While the Southerners only had pride and amazing generals did they fight for five bloody years. The war finel (MORE)

Why did they fight in World War 2?

because Hitlar started taking over land and if hitlar took Poland then G.B and frace would declare war on Germany he did so that is how WWII was started

What is the capital of Niue?

Answer . Alofi is the capital cityof the Pacific ocean nation of Niue . It has a population of 614 ( census of 2001). It consists of the two villages Alofi North (pop. 256) and Alofi South, where the government headquarters are located (pop. 358).

Where is Niue?

Niue is an island dependency of New Zealand in the south-central Pacific Ocean east of Tonga. Discovered by Capt. James Cook in 1774, it became internally self-governing in 1974. Alofi is the capital. Population: 1,490.

Who fights wars?

People who want more than their fair share and people who do not want to give up their fair share. Also people that help others that cannot help themselves.

What war or fights did Richard Taylor fight in?

Colonel Richard Taylor of the American Revolutionary War fought inthe battles at White Plains, Trenton, Brandywine, and Monmouth.General Richard Taylor of the American Civil War fought at theFirst Battle of Bull Run, Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven DaysBattles, the Siege of Port Hudson, and the (MORE)

Who was fighting in Napoleonic wars?

Lots of people: the main players were the French Empire (obviously), The British Empire, The Austrian and Russian Empires, Prussia, Spain, Portugal, The United Kingdom of the Nethelands, Italy, The Ottoman Empire, The United States from 1812 on and a multitude of other, smaller Kingdoms and Countrie (MORE)

Who is fighting in the Spanish American War?

As the name implies, it was the Spanish against the Americans. Spain controlled many countries, including Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. After the war, the US took control and in most cases gave them their independence, while maintaining high influence in their affairs.

What wars did John Burgoyne fight?

he fought many different battles encluding the battle or saratoga . he fought many different battles encluding the battle or saratoga

Why do you fight wars?

The wealthy want more money and power so it was thousands of years ago, so it will be thousands of years from now. . When two nations have a dispute that they are unable to resolve by means of diplomacy, they may choose to resolve it by violence.

Who did the Vietcong fight fight for in the Vietnam War?

The Viet Cong (VC) were Communist sympathizers living in SOUTH Vietnam. Very organized, wearing what-ever uniforms and using what-ever weapons they could get their hands on; and fighting primarily as organized guerillas against the Government of South Vietnam.. The VC were pretty well destroyed as (MORE)

Is Niue a country?

Yes !.....Niue is a self-governing country in free association with New Zealand. A coral island of only 260 sq km, Niue is located about 480 km east of Tonga.

What does Niue mean?

I am from Niue and the word 'niu' means coconut, so 'Niue' meanscoconut island. im sexy m to take over our island, so we painted our clothes red (withdirt) and grabbed spears. That is how we earned the name "SAVAGEISLAND".

What is the population of Niue?

Last census in 2005 claimed the Niue population was at 1700 but that was unreliable because it was during a period of cyclone rebuilding when Niue had a large number of contractors ashore. The statistics department also count people who have left recently many of whom don't return. There is a tendan (MORE)

What is Niues natural resources?

Niueâ??s natural resources are fish and arable land. Niue is asomewhat small island in the Southwest Pacific Ocean and has one ofthe largest coral reefs.

Was the Vietnam War a war worth fighting?

Part of man's destiny; it's part of his history now...so yes, it was a noble cause. From the point of view of America, no, one of the greatest superpowers on the planet lost to a tiny country on the other side of the world. They were humiliated and became too involved due to an irrational fear of (MORE)

What Wars were fight by the US in the 1900s?

World War 1 . World War 2 . Korean War . Cold War . Vietnam War . Operation Desert Shield 1990-Iraq (a buildup of military forces/NO COMBAT) . Operation Desert Storm 1991 (45 days)-Iraq . Operation Restore Hope 1992/93-Somalia . Operations in Bosnia/Kosovo 1995 No fly zone operations wer (MORE)

Do warplanes fight in every war?

Only since WWI (cloth covered wooden airplanes). Naval warplanes first saw extensive combat in WWII. Jets first saw extensive combat during the Korean War. Helicopters first saw extensive combat in the Vietnam War. Vietnam saw extensive use of all of the above: Bi-plane (WWI type two winged airplan (MORE)

When did women start to fight in the war?

In wars in the United States, there have been two types of solders: regular army solders, and local militias. During the Revolutionary War, a few teen age girls disguised themselves as boys and joined the regular army. In more cases more women joined in local militias when the enemy came close and f (MORE)

Did Spain fight in the Revolutionary War?

Yup! Britain invaded and took over North America but had no intrest in Southern America as it had no benifit to them. America wanted Britain out and had previously had 5 attempts to remove Britain from America but failed. Then America joined Forces with Spain and France who also wanted there freed (MORE)

Why where they fighting during the civil war?

Because the North and South had different perspectives of how African Americans should be treated. The South was a rural comunity, so it needed slaves to work on their plantations; however, the North was an urban region, it didn't need any slaves to work because they had advanced machinery, so slave (MORE)

Which war does the war horse fight in?

That would most likely be WWI as horses were still widely used. Although I do recall that in WWII, the Polish cavalry were roundly defeated by German tanks when the Nazis invaded Poland. But they went the way of the battleship in WWII; they simply became obsolete in modern warfare.

Who was not fighting in World War I?

Well, the fighting was done by Britain, Germany, the United States, Hungary, Serbia, and Russia. So by process of elimination, you can figure out which countries were not fighting during this time.

Who did Nebraska fight with in the Civil War?

Nebraska was not a state during the American Civil War, but a territory of the US. This territory sent troops, although not in great numbers, to fight for the Union. Nebraska became a state in 1867.

Why did you fight in the war?

WE FOUGHT IN THE WAR BECAUSE we were brave and if they bombed us we will kill them so they don't bomb us at all. so remember it under stood? read it again

Why doesn't the general fight in a war?

Not his job. Captains fight the battle, Field Grade officers control the battlefield (hence the name, "Field Grade" from the word "Battlefield"), and Generals DISTRIBUTE the forces. Same with the navy; Admirals are aboard a particular warship (the flagship) but they don't fight the ship, the captai (MORE)

What feelings did soldiers have when fighting war?

Fear: Fear of death, fear of never being able to see their families, fear of losing the war/battle and thus losing what they are fighting for in the first place (family, freedom, liberty) Anger: At the enemy for killing their friends (family in some cases) Sadness: For the loss of friends, homes, (MORE)

What war did Alfred Gaby fight in?

Alfred Edward Gaby fought in world war 1 in either France or Germany i am not sure which specific part of world war one but i know that he was in world war one hope i helped (:

Who discovered niue?

captin cook was the person who discovered niue. but samoans were the first people to be on the island.

Why were they fighting in war war two?

After the first world war the leaders in charge of countries blamed Germany for causing it. They came up with a document called the treaty of Versailles. This restricted what Germany could do almost as a punishment. This included how large an army they could have and also a large section of German (MORE)

What is the unemployment rate of Niue?

10.7% (2006) I don't know where this 10% came from. If it came from the Niue Statistics department then it probably measures the amount of working age people that don't work for the government in which case it is an abomination. There is no real unemployment in Niue. Subsistence agriculture and fi (MORE)

What continent is niue?

It is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand has had a significant role in its administration.

Why do they fight in war?

We do it for our country. The only thing for morale in war is the honor. You know that you will save your country and you fight. LONG LIVE AMERICA. If a war starts i will be the first guy that will be in line for the fight. It is my honor and my duty.

What mitaki means in niue?

I'm pretty sure it means 'Good' . So when someone niuean ask's how you are for eg- . Malolo nakai A koe? . You would reply with-. Mitaki! . Though , i'm not sure.... .

Who fights in the wars?

What wars are you talking about and the question is too unspecific to answer. soldiers and anyone willing to take up arms in some cases such as civil wars or if you're nation is invaded

Where did the us fight a war from 1899-1902 why did they fight this war?

The Phillipines. The US had just acquired them from Spain in 1898 and there was some resistance to this. The main resistance came from indigenous tribal peoples whose land was being seized by US settlers for cattle and fruit production. The US sent in troops to crush these tribes and successfully ex (MORE)

When does a boy from Niue become a man?

A boy from Niue is considered a man during his hair cutting ceremony. Generally, they do not cut their hair from birth. When the boys become teenagers, a ceremony is held where women tend the hair, which had normally been cared for by their sisters, for the last time before it is cut.

What are common surnames in Niue?

Niue is an island in the Pacific Ocean. People that have the surname Niuean believe that their ancestors come from this island. It isnÕt clear if this is a common surname on the island.