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Did Ricky Ricardo say Lucy you got some splainin to do?

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I have an "I Love Lucy" calendar that put's this to rest. The following is a direct quote from a page in the calendar.

Here's an urban legend for you - Ricky Ricardo never uttered the famous phrase so often attributed to him - "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do."
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What episode does ricky say Lucy you got some splaining to do?

  Actually, he never really says those exact words. He always says something like that but its never that phrase.   That phrase was more of a shortened and blended form

Why did Lucy and ricky ricardo divorce?

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo did not divorce, but the actors who played  them did. Lucille Ball who played Lucy and Desi Arnaz who played  Ricky, were married in real life. They d

Who played little ricky ricardo?

Many people believed that little Ricky in the show was in fact Lucille Ball and Desi' Arnaz's son. However, this is not true. Little Ricky was played by the actor Michael Maye

How do you spell iya ya like Ricky Ricardo used to say?

The Spanish interjection "¡Ay! (which has no translation) may be written "Ay ay ay", which sounds like ay yi yi. In some uses, denoting pain, it is comparable to ouch. Occa

Did Lucy and Ricky Ricardo ever share a double bed in the show I Love Lucy?

No. Despite the stars being married in real life  as well as on the show, television censorship rules at the time  (I Love Lucy ran from 1951 to 1960) didn't permit the  sh