Did the British hate the Germans in 1914 before the war started?

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No the British didnt, infact the British and Germans had been close allies before 1914, Nine years war 1688, War of Spanish succesion 1701-1714, 1756 Seven year War where Britain and Germany had strong ties and alliances throughout and of course there was the strong alliance in the Napoleonic wars right through to the end of the Battle of Waterloo.
The only reason Britain went to war with Germany in 1914 was to honour the treaty of London 1839 which guaranteed Belgiums neutrility from any invasion, and Germany invaded and Britain kept to its word and declared war on Germany, August 4th 1914.
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What were Germans' lives like before the start of World War 2?

\n Answer \n. \n1. After WW1 Germany was deeply divided between left and right.\n. \n2. In the aftermath of WW1 there was considerable violence and unrest in some parts of Germany. This came to an end in 1923.\n. \n3. The Treaty of Versailles caused much resentment, especially the loss of ter (MORE)

Did the British and Germans hate each other during World War 1?

British and German hatred in WW1 . The sad answer is yes. Lord Haldane, for example, a senior British politician, was forced from office because he had studied in Germany. SOME Germans who had been naturalized before WW1 were deprived of British citizenship and so on. In what one might call the A (MORE)

Why did the war start in 1914?

the war started because of several reasons one by alliances and that was because of the Traipple Antanta and the Triple Alliance . #And there were a lot more reasons but the most obvious one was JEALSOY

Was the Civil War started by the British?

The American Civil War was not in fact started by the British. Anall-American conflict that erupted in April of 1861 due to thefiring by South Carolinians on the Union-held Fort Sumter inCharleston, South Carolina, the Civil War involved the British onlyin a very indirect way, through diplomacy and (MORE)

Why did the Dutch hate the Nazi Germans in World War Two?

No country likes to be invaded & occupied by a foreign power. The German Gauleiter (Reichs Kommisar) of the Netherlands was Arthur Seyss-Inquart. He was executed for crimes against humanity after the end of WW2. The actions of the Germans as an occupying power did not endear them to anyone, and that (MORE)

In what sense did the World War 1 start long before 1914?

It may be reasonably claimed that World War I started long before1914 in at least this sense: the contemporary rivalry amongEuropean nations was tending towards armed conflict of some kind.With their military build-ups and their fervent nationalisticspirits, the leading European powers (among others (MORE)

Why did they have war did Germans hate London or did London hate German and why did the German bomb us we never bomb them but then they bomb us because i think they hated us and then we had war?

The Germans, led by Adolph Hitler, bombed London in their quest to conquer most of Europe. World War II was fought to prevent his succeeding, but it was a close thing for awhile. Personal hate didn't really seem to be the main issue. The German actually had little ambition towards England. Their (MORE)

Why did the British Civil War start?

The British Civil War started in 1642 and ended in 1660. It was ignited by Charles the first, a unpopular king, due to the fact he was Cathlolic; who was able to in 1629, to sease Parlement for eleven years; Charles did so because of his Divine right beleifs. It ended when he was executed in 1660.

When did the French and British start hating each other?

As a French, I do not think that French and English hate each other. Nevertheless French and English were pitted one against the other throughout history. The Hundred Year war took place in the Middles Ages owing to a struggle for power between French and English kings. During the french Revolut (MORE)

Where did World War I it start in 1914?

World War 1 isnt pin pointed where it started its more of a question, when/why/how? The war started with Germans medling with other countries and we fought back. (: Hope this helps..

Why were German ships sinking British American ships in 1914?

There are TWO WAYS to fight a naval war (sea war). Controlling the seas or just conducting guerrilla warfare in it. 1. Guerre de Escadre-One Navy fighting another Navy (Fleet against Fleet) 2. Guerre de Course-Commerce Raiding (attacking merchant ships) If a nation (country) cannot fight anoth (MORE)

Why did people to start to hated the Vietnam war?

After their father was killed there; or their brother was killed there; or their husband was killed there; or their uncle, or their cousin, or their friend, or neighbor...and especially if their son died there.

How did the British have an advantage over Germans in World War 2?

The British had major air superiority over the Germans, as the Spitfires were considered the best WWII fighter in history, save the American P-51 Mustang, and the German Me-110's were really cumbersome, even though the Me-109 was superior to the Spitfire in terms of firepower, it had extremely limit (MORE)

Why did Hitler hate the Jews before World War 1?

Nobody really knows why Hitler hated Jew's but....it was said that Hitler's mother KIA RA was a domestic worker for a Jewish family who didn't treat her so well. But others say it was because when his mother passed away her Doctor was Jewish and he felt it was the doctors fault his mother didn't mak (MORE)

Why did the Germans hate the Polish in World War 2?

Answer 1 Germans didn't 'hate' Poles. They had an international territorialdispute over Danzig which was resolved by war. Generalisationsabout 65 million German people based on the opinions, actions andpropaganda of a few score thousand political activists andpowerbrokers are not valid. We should n (MORE)

Did the Germans hate the Jews before Hitler's influence?

Not really, I think.... Brriggers answer: well of course some of them did but the Jews were spread though out Germany and they were very rich and helped the German economy, so many people did not hate them for this reason. however after Hitlers influence, many people turned against the Jews a (MORE)

What did Hitler say about why he hates the Jews before he started the Holocaust?

After World War I, Germany was left in ruins and in huge debt as the allied forces (Britain, France and the USA) demanded that they pay for all the damage caused by the fighting. Germany suffered the worst from the 1930s depression. Hitler and the Nazi party accused the Jews of causing Germany to co (MORE)

Why was US not WW1 in 1914 when the war started?

The United States was not forced into the war by treaties with other nations, as Russia, Germany, France and Great Britain all were drawn into the war. The United States had a long tradition of 'avoiding European entanglements'. The Monroe Doctrine established America's policy that we were primarily (MORE)

Why British and German fought in World War 2?

we did'NT want our country to be run by Germans Britain had to stand up to the Germans if we had'NT we would have been like Poland or France then who would have liberated those death camps? if we did'NT fight tooth and nail we defended our island from tyranny and evil and we did it well

Why did the British declare war on the Germans?

actually it is a proven fact that the british did not declare war on Germany. It was japan and France that declared war on Germany.And they declared war on Germany because the German were not friends with the country of japan and France.

Do German people hate the british people?

I never met a German who ever hated a British. But I met lots of British who hate the Germans. >> my answer is that the germans at the nazi period and the british people at that time have hated each other very much and to this days the british and the germans may still have few extremests in both (MORE)

How did the French and British treat Germans after World War 1?

They wanted to make Germany weaker militarily. The treaty of Versailles (created by the allies who won ww1) washarsh on germany. It blamed them for starting the war and made thempay huge amounts of money as well as limiting their army size andtaking away land. England were slightly less harsh on Ge (MORE)

Why do Germans hate the British?

From experience, most Germans are Anglophile, although, just as there are some British who don't like Germans, there are some Germans who, for personal reasons, don't like the British.

Did the Irish hate the British during World War 1 and World War 2?

Irish anti-British sentiment was one factor that kept the US from entering World War I sooner. It basically took Germany sinking US ships in order for the US to finally say "to heck with what the Irish think, we've got to do something about this." Ireland was formally neutral in World War II, tho (MORE)

What did Germans do to start World War 2?

Invade Poland. But before that Germany started producing troops. Since Germany Started WWI they were under strict restrictions not to build a large army. England and France noticed but really didn't do anything about it. So Germany Attacked Czechoslovakia but still, France and England did nothing. A (MORE)

Why did the british start a war with America?

The colonists of America did not want to be controlled by a mother country. They wanted to have their own government and did not want to be taxed by the British. They mostly wanted independence. Eventually a war started and America won because they had something more to fight for and did not use tra (MORE)

When did the war between the Germans and Jewish start?

Theretically the war between the Nazis and Jews started in 1920's when Hitler becomed leader of the Nazi Party but not much effect come from the war until January 30th 1933, when Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. After this Hitler started to establish Laws which would mainly target Jews but also (MORE)

Did Germans start the world war?

After World War 1 Germany lost a lot of money and its terrotory throught the Treaty of Versailles. This of course angered a lot of Germans, some years later a man named Adolf Hitler (Austrian) decided to take action. however he did so by using a series of hate filled speaches that quickly esculated (MORE)

Why did Germans hate in wold war 2?

Germans were angry due to the economic depression caused by world war one. Hitler found a small population of Germany and blamed them for this depression this obviously not true . Hitler also made sure it was a small enough population so that they could not cause damage by retaliating. Hitler then t (MORE)

How effective was the British blockade during the war and what was the Germans response?

During the WW1 the British blockade effectively isolated Germany, depriving that country of agricultural products and foodstuffs, thus creating heavy problems of nourishment especially for the civilians. The consequences of the blockade for the German war efforts were lower because Germany was ric (MORE)

Why did Americans hate Germans in World War I?

Because the Germans were the enemies during the war. Germany hadangered the US by using submarines to sink American ships, and thiswas the primary reason for the US declaration of war in April 1917.Additionally, Germany thought the US was about to declare war onthem, so Germany asked Mexico to start (MORE)