Did the pilots during World War 2 that flew off the navy carriers fall under the army air corp or where they navy?

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The Navy has always flown its own aircraft on aircraft carriers, since the first carrier was commissioned March 20th, 1922. There have been other types of aircraft flown on/off carriers by the army, but none of them were ever considered to be stationed on a carrier.
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Was Private 1st Class a rank for the Army Air Corp during World War 2?

%DETAILS% Yes, P.F.C. (Private, First Class) was a rank in the U.S.A.A.F. (United States Army Air Force) during WW 2. The soldiers use to say that P.F.C. stood for "Praying For Civilian." Richard V. Horrell WW 2 Connections.com Yes it was..Way back then I was a PFC for awhile...h

What was the role of African-Americans in the US Army Air Corps in World War 2?

In the 1940's it was still believed that Blacks were incapable of flying aircraft. This myth was dispelled with the help of the U.S. Congress. On June 27, 1939 THE CIVILIAN PILOT TRAINING ACT was passed. This solidary ACT helped to create a reserve of civilian pilots to be called in case of war. You (MORE)

What did the US Navy do in World War 2?

Answer . \nThe Navy was a vital arm of fighting in WWII, especially in the Pacific theater.\n. \nThe Navy guarded convoys in the Atlantic, fought submarines, shelled the coastline in preperation for attacks, and served as a vital supply route along with the Merchant Marine.\n. \nIn the Pacific, (MORE)

How was Battleship navy to a carrier navy shift seen in World War 2?

After aerial bombardment on battleships, it seemed big gunned castles were obsolete. If a couple of aircraft can sink a ship like the Musashi (HIJMS, WWII), aircraft carriers became the most powerful ship, long range. However, the US Navy isn't giving up: A handful of battleships remain in the US Na (MORE)

What color were US Navy helmets during World War 2?

THE COLOR . I Dont Really Know But I Think It Green And Brown!!!. Cause they have to hide in the dirt and in the green grass!!!. Navy ---not Army . Many Navy helmets were grey. The Navy is fond of the paint color affectionally referred to as "battleship grey".. However, the Navy used severa (MORE)

How many women served in the Canadian Navy during World War 2?

"Between 1942 and 1945, 7,122 women served with the RCN; their determination was instrumental in the Allies' victory at sea." This quote comes from the following site: http://www.junobeach.org/e/4/can-tac-per-e.htm Another source is here: http://www.navalmuseum.ab.ca/WRCNS.htm

What did pilots do when off duty during World War 2?

\nUsually, bomber pilots had to catch up on some rest. The Army setup rest centers that were used by soldiers. There were rest centers in Rome and Florence for pilots serving there. However, pilots in Italy with 15 Air Force could travel to the Isle of Capri when on leave.

What did navy medics do in World War 2?

The most famous role of US Navy medics was fulfilling the role of the US Marine "Corpsman." The US Army used "medics", the US Marine's call their medic a "Corpsman." During the 20th Century, all Marines used to be Riflemen First; tank crewmen, aircraft crewmen, artillerymen, etc. SECOND. Therefore, (MORE)

In which year during World War 2 by the number of warships did the US Navy eclipse the Royal Navy as the largest and most powerful in the world?

Probably 1943, as in 1942 the US was still losing quite a few warships in the Pacific, such as at the Battle of Coral Sea (one large fleet carrier lost, one destroyer, one oiler); Midway (one large fleet carrier lost & one destroyer), Savo Island (three Heavy Cruisers lost), plus numerous sea battle (MORE)

Who had the largest navy in world war 2?

first answer: The three largest navies in the world at the start in 1939 were United States, Great Britain & Japan. The US & GB navies were about the same size at the start. Beginning in 1940 the US Navy began to exceed the size of the British Royal Navy. By the end of the war in August 1945, the U (MORE)

Who had the best navy in world war 2?

The Japanese had the strongest Naval Fleet after they had destroyed a lot of the Western US Naval Fleet. The Brits had a superior Naval Fleet before the U Boats began destroying a huge portions of Naval vessels. The Germans had the superior submarine fleet by sheer volume of them. At the end of the (MORE)

Who had the powerful navy during World War I?

Germany had a very powerful Navy during World War One, because their U-Boats (Submarines) were the most efficient and they were the first to make them. And so they had lots of U-Boats which gave them an advantage. Arguably Germany had the strongest Navy in both World Wars. (1 and 2)

Were the pilots who flew the helicopters in Vietnam war Air Force or Army?

The US Army had the largest helicopter force in the world during the Vietnam War. And flew a lengthly list of different types of choppers during the conflict: Sioux (whirlybird), CH-19, CH-21 Shawnee, CH-47 Chinook, CH-34, UH-1 Iroquois (Huey), AH-1 Cobra, OH-58 Kiowa, OH-6 Cayuse...to name a few. (MORE)

How big was Canada's navy during World War 2?

I was surprised when I read this in Wikipedia under the heading of Royal Canadian Navy that they were the third largest navy in the world. **** Second World War The RCN expanded greatly during the Second World War and following the end of the war was the third-largest navy in the world, behind the (MORE)

What did women army pilots do during world war 2?

The ATA Air Transport Auxillary - was a British civilian pilots organisation composed mainly of women pilots - many quite young - that was formulated about 1939 when war broke out. Their duties were to ferry new military aircraft as they were produced from our aircraft factories - to be flown to RAF (MORE)

When did Hitler create the German navy and German air force during World War 2?

Long before the start of WW II, Germany had been secretly rearming. Hitler came to power and demanded the speeding-up in preparation for surprise attacks across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition, he secretly planned to use Mexico as a base for invading and capturing the USA. Their (MORE)

Did the pilots during WWII that flew off the navy carriers fall under the army air corp or where they navy?

US Navy Aircraft Carriers normally operated US Navy aircraft flown by US Navy pilots; however sometimes during WW2 these aircraft carriers had US Army Air Force or US Marine Corps aircraft on-board to be flown-off by Army or Marine pilots. This was for ferrying operations. These aircraft would take (MORE)

Where the navy seals in World War 2?

The precursor units to the SEALs operated in both theaters of war. In the Pacific the UDT Underwater Demolition Teams cleared and mapped the beach landings prior to the USMC assaults. In the European theater the NCDU Naval Combat Demolition Units performed similar functions.

What does Flc V6 mean in the US Navy during World War 2?

You're probably misreading it of a muster roll from world war II. My grandfather was an F1c V6 during the war which is a fireman 1st class. The "1" does look like an "l" but if you look at the other names you will see things like F2c, showing that the second character is a number.

Who was the youngest navy pilot in World War 2?

Former U.S. President and U.S. Naval Aviator George H.W. Bush (Bush Sr.) having qualified at the age of 18, was commissioned an Ensign in the USNR on June 9, 1943, just 3 days before his 19th birthday, after completing the 10-month naval aviation course. Bush was the youngest overall Naval Avia (MORE)

What is cox in the navy in world war 2?

"Cox" is short for the Navy term "Coxswain". Coxswains are essentially small boat pilots; the term is applied to those who pilot/steer craft anywhere in size from a small yacht to a rowing scull. In WWII, Coxswains also piloted amphibious landing craft (e.g., Higgins Boats) during amphibious assa (MORE)

Did the Japanese navy run out of fuel during world war 2?

Yes, fuel was in very short supply for Japan's military & civilian sectors the entire war. By 1944, Japanese ships were stationed closer to the supplies of oil in the Dutch East Indies & British Malaya. The Japanese Navy began using unrefined oil instead of refined fuel oil for its ships. This cause (MORE)

What did the NZ navy play during World War 2?

During the war, New Zealand's navy did play a role. When Britain declared war on Germany and Italy, New Zealand did the same. In December 1939, New Zealand deployed its naval forces against Germany and Italy. The first NZ vessel deployed against Japan was the HMNZS Gale and arrived in Fiji on Chr (MORE)

How many served in the US army air corps in World War 2?

Technically speaking, none, at least not while the US was in WWII. The Army reorganized into three branches on June 20, 1941: Army Ground Forces, Army Service Forces, and Army Air Forces. Thereafter it was the USAAF - the United States Army Air Force. Peak strength was 2.4 million men in March, 1944 (MORE)

Do navy carrier pilots stand watch duties?

All officers on the ship, pilots included, stand watch. The watch that most pilots want to pull is LSO, Landing Signal Officer, as they are the ones helping guide other pilots onto the boat.