Did the planets align on Wednesday march tenth 1982?

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The planets did not align per say; however they did come into a state of Syzygy ( look on wikipedia; and commit to memory, because its great for Scrabble). On that date (3/10/1982), all 9 planets came with in 91 degrees (this is debated, I've heard as much as 95 degrees) of alignment, on the same side of the sun. This is a very rare event, and will only happen once in the length of human kind. We would have to be pretty lucky to last another million or so years. Looking at it from a purely statistical standpoint, all 9 planets will never perfectly align in the same plane. March 10th 1982 is the closest we will ever get.
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What will happen when all planets align?

The sad truth is, "all" the planets will never align because they are at different angles from the sun. If you look at the solar system in 2D from the top (in general) they wi

Did the planets align on Wednesday march 10th?

No. The planets CANNOT all "line up", because they all orbit in slightly different planes. We occasionally see one or two planets line up, but never more than three at once.

What happened when planets align?

Absolutely nothing! Aside from astronomers taking pictures and recording when it last happens so that they know when it will next. you don't have to worry about any ghosts or