Did the singer Aaliyah have an open casket funeral?

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Aaliyah's casket was closed; she died in an airplane crash.

The plane burst into flames immediately after hitting the ground; almost every corpse that was found was badly burned and mangled.

The coroner's autopsy report states that she suffered severe burns, a blow to the head, and severe shock. She had a heart attack during the time the plane was going down.

The report said she was found an estimated 10 - 15 feet away from the plane.

After medics and police finished searching the debris for any more belongings or bodies, they said that Aaliyah's chair had been ejected from the burning plane while she was still strapped into it and had landed yards away from the crash.

When police and Bahamian officials found her, she was curled up on her left side, like she was bracing herself. Her head was between her legs and her hair had been completely singed off.

RIP Baby Girl
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they was not goning to be able to because she was burned really really badly R.I.P TO AALIYAH H

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I highly doubt it due to severity of the injuries her and herentourage received from the plane crashing. The coroner will have aautopsy done and if the morgution declares it o

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No she was In a plane crash and it caught on fire she was burned and got hit in the heart be a vercicle of the plane and got hit in the head too

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Singer Aaliyah died in 2001 after the plane that was carrying her, her band, and their equipment crashed 200 ft from the runway after takeoff. The plane was carrying too much
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After the death of American singer Aaliyah Dana Haughton (caused in 2001 as a result of a plane crash on the Bahamas), the renown Frank E. Campbell funeral home of Manhattan p