Did the us attack Japan before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor?

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That depends on how far back you go in history... did we attack them? Not per say. Though when Commodore Perry was credited with opening trade with Japan, he sailed in with a heavily armed warship escort, more than capable of destroying the small Japanese ships present there. He also ordered the guns of said ship to be aimed towards the Village of Uraga (at the entrance of Tokyo bay). It was under this implied threat that he forced the Japanese to accept a letter from President Millard Filmore which outlined the United States terms of trade. At the time Japan only had one port which it allowed limited trading to be done from and that was Nagasaki (which was later chosen as the second and to this day the last city to be struck by a nuclear weapon) Commodore Perry's power play more or less forced Japan to open up trade arrangements on much larger scales with the US and later other nations.

As far as an actual attack where violence was used (not just implied) all records I have seen or can find indicate that no.. we never attacked them on a national scale until after they struck at Pearl Harbor.

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What was Japan like before the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Answer . Japan had already began its conquest in 1031, when it attacked and occupied Manchuria. in 1937, Japan launched an attack on China. Japan had been killing innocent civilians in China since 1937. I don't know how Japan treat its enemies in the Pacific, but in China, they were inhuman. They (MORE)

Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

The reason for Japan's attack (on the US, the British Empire &the Dutch) was the Japanese Army's obsession with their on-goingbrutal conquest of China . The United States had been takingdiplomatic and economic steps against Japan for several years toconvince (or force) the Japanese to end their war (MORE)

Where did Japan attack Pearl Harbor from?

\n Answer \n. \nAircraft carriers, that had come from the Japanese home islands to within 100 miles of the Hawian islands.\n. \nThe first attack wave struck at 8am on Sunday morning, when the Japanese knew that the US navy was at it's most vulnerable, with most sailors on leave in Honolulu, an (MORE)

What plan did Japan use to attack Pearl Harbor?

Answer . \nThey used various things but most publicized were kamikaze pilots (suicide pilots) that flew their bomb loaded planes directly into things, therefore creating a massive bomb.

How did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

japan attacked pearl harbor with bombs and different kinds ofexplosives japan used its aircrafts carriers to launch planes to bomb pearlharbor.

Did the US attack Japan after the attack at Pearl Harbor?

The US engaged Japanese forces all over the pacific, includingthe Philippines, Guam, Saipan, Guadalcanal, Midway, The Solomons,Gilbert Islands, Marshall Islands, Tarawa, Palau, Iwo Jima andOkinawa. A planned Invasion of the Japanese Home Islands wasdetermined to be too costly in terms of lives on bo (MORE)

Why did Japan attack the US at Pearl Harbor?

The plan was to knock out the US Pacific Fleet as a significant fighting force, so their would be no opposition to Japan's conquest of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. They thought that once they had conquered all that territory that we would be unable to dislodge them from it even if we did (MORE)

Why did Japan attack the US fleet at Pearl Harbor?

Answer . The destruction of the US Pacific Fleet was an important element in their strategic plan to secure valuable oil reserves and war essential material. Time was essential, and interference by the Pacific Fleet would eliminate any chance to occupy the Phillipenes, Indonesia, New Guinea, New (MORE)

Why Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

Here is a link that clearly states why japan attacked pearl harbor: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/why-did-japan-attack-pearl-harbor.html Answer There were a number of contributing factors, but most importantly the U.S. had placed an embargo on oil and steel shipments to Japan. This hurt th (MORE)

How did Japan attack the US during Pearl Harbor?

A new weapon was used. The Aircraft Carrier! The aircraft carrier replaced the battleship as a major weapon, following the sinking of the British Battleship HMS Prince of Wales, and Battlecruiser HMS Repulse, by Japanese aircraft on December 10, 1941. After this date, NO naval officer doubted the po (MORE)

Why did Japan attack us in pearl harbor?

It is because we had our naval base there & it would be easier to attack us there to take out our whole navy because that way we wouldn't be able to fight back. They also killed a lot of civilians.

How did US attack Japan after the attack at Pearl Harbor?

America became a full combatant in the War. More specifically than the previous answer.. the very first attack by the US was a direct bombing flight of Tokyo. Eventually, the United States Marine Corps proceeded across the string of islands that lead to mainland Japan, claiming one after another (MORE)

How did the japan attack Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese Navy traveled across the Pacific Ocean heading to Pearl Harbor to damage the American Navy and take some of our defensive power away from us. Once they were near they were able to home in on a radio broadcast that had been left on during the night to help guide American bombers in from (MORE)

Why did the japan attack the Pearl Harbor?

first answer: Because the US stopped supplying them with oil, steel, etc that wasneeded for their war efforts (because Japan was allied with the US'enemies). Japan thought they could destroy the entire Pacific fleet(or at least all of our aircraft carriers) by striking Pearl Harborundetected - and t (MORE)

What if japan had not attacked Pearl Harbor?

we probably would have entered the war at some point, this was just the turning point. its difficult to say what if in history because it is impossible to know for sure what would have happened.

Why did the US attack japan after the attack of Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked Dec 7, 1941 starting WWII in the Pacific. Japan was beaten back to her home land, but refused to concede defeat. After what they did in China, and their attempts at Australia and New Zealand, there had to be an end enforced. Japan didn't want the war to end. They had (MORE)

How did us defeat japan during Pearl Harbor attack?

The US didn't defeat Japan during the Pearl Harbor attack. I believe they came over, bombed Pearl Harbor, and left. I don't think there was even much a fight during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the reason the US entered WWII. . Answer... . During the attack th (MORE)

What did japan do after the attack at Pearl Harbor?

They pretty much stayed in the Pacific Ocean and guarded Japan and its colonies and out post. The Japanese feared immediate retaliation from the US. The US Forces was far more crippled than the Japanese even anticipated and could have attacked the coast of California and launced Aerial Attacks far i (MORE)

Why had japan attacked Pearl Harbor?

Because the Japanese Empire wanted to discourage the United States from their decision to embargo Japan based on UN demands of Japan to withdraw from the calamity it was making in China. Though officially neutral, The United States cut off oil and steel exports to Japan, two things which the Jap (MORE)

What if the Japan declared war before attacking Pearl Harbor?

Japan did issue a declaration of war to the US, with the idea that Pearl Harbor would be attacked before defenses could be mobilized. It backfired on them terribly because the declaration was not translated from Japanese to English until after the attack. If Japan had declared war and then attacked (MORE)

Why did Pearl harbor get attacked by Japan?

Cause the US stopped sending Japan resources so they got pissed and they started planning to destroy Pearl Harbor (very important military base). Ima 12 year old with general knowledge :) im from kuwait.

Why did japanize attack Pearl Harbor?

This person explains the reasons for the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor better than I can. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor for different reasons:- . President Roosevelt had banned all exports of scrap iron, steel and oil to Japan. The reason for the embargo was the Japanese invasion of China. J (MORE)

What did the US do to make japan angry before the attack of Pearl Harbor?

The most important was to embargo the sale of oil and scrap iron to Japan, after Japan invaded and took over French Indochina (Vietnam and Laos) in the summer of 1941. Japan has no source of oil, and had only an eighteen month supply on hand. Japan would have to come up with another source of oil, o (MORE)

Did Japan attack Pearl Harbor to shame us?

The attack by Japan was an attempt to destroy our Naval capabilities, not to shame us. If our aircraft carriers had been in port we may have lost significant military might that would have impacted the outcome of the war.

Did Japan inform the US of the Pearl Harbor attack?

No. The Americans apparently heard it across the radio code, but the Japanese did not inform them. The Japanese had sent a formal declaration of war, but it arrived too late. It was realized that delay would have a major affect on the response of the American public.

Did the US force japan into attacking pearl harbor?

basicly yes in a way. Japan attacked the U.S because we cut off there oil supply, we were selling scrap metal to are allies (france, great britan, china, etc) but not them. But mainly because it was one of the main targets for the Axis (germany,italy, and japan) to rule the whole world

How did the US react when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor?

From what I know, the navy soldiers were still sleeping, and were shocked by the large explosive noise of japans bombs. They went out to the decks with there white shirts and possibly underwear or pants and fired at them with what they had in sight. I hope this helped, I'm not sure if its all corre (MORE)

How did Pearl Harbor attack Japan?

You have some serious reading to do. Pearl Harbor did not attack Japan. The US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor HI was attacked by the Japanese on Dec 7, 1941. The American ships were tied up at their morring points in the harbor, and there had been no declaration of war. This was an unprovoked attack by (MORE)

Why did japan attack Pearl Harbor drawing us into war?

because japan wanted all the islands in the pacific and America was stopping them from doing so also the president of America knew this was going to happen so only left one boat in the harbor so if enough people died they could declare war because the president wanted to join ww2