Did the us attack Japan before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor?

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That depends on how far back you go in history... did we attack them? Not per say. Though when Commodore Perry was credited with opening trade with Japan, he sailed in with a heavily armed warship escort, more than capable of destroying the small Japanese ships present there. He also ordered the guns of said ship to be aimed towards the Village of Uraga (at the entrance of Tokyo bay). It was under this implied threat that he forced the Japanese to accept a letter from President Millard Filmore which outlined the United States terms of trade. At the time Japan only had one port which it allowed limited trading to be done from and that was Nagasaki (which was later chosen as the second and to this day the last city to be struck by a nuclear weapon) Commodore Perry's power play more or less forced Japan to open up trade arrangements on much larger scales with the US and later other nations.

As far as an actual attack where violence was used (not just implied) all records I have seen or can find indicate that no.. we never attacked them on a national scale until after they struck at Pearl Harbor.

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Did the US attack Japan after the attack at Pearl Harbor?

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