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Difference between isothermal and adiabatic process?

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Isothermal process is going on under constant temperature, adiabatic is a process where no heat is exchanged (this does not imply that temperature is constant).
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What is isothermic process?

An isothermal process is the change of a system. But in this system  the temperature still remains constant.

How adiabatic process is exothermic?

An adiabatic process will not be exothermic. Exothermic refers to a process in which a system releases energy (heat) to the surroundings, i.e. Q < 0 (where Q is heat entering

Why does the temperature drop in an adiabatic expansion?

In adiabatic process heat is neither added nor removed from the system. So the work done by the system (expansion) in adiabatic process will result in decrease of internal ene

What is adiabatic process?

The process in which change in pressure ,volume and temperature takes place without any heat entering or leaving the system is called an adiabatic process

What are characteristics of isothermal process?

An isothermal process is one which does not take in or give off heat; it is perfectly insulated. Iso = same, thermal = heat. In real life there are very few isothermal process

Difference between adiabatic and isothermal expansion?

  Adiabatic expansion is an increase in volume while pressure is maintained constant. When this occurs, temperature also increases. Isothermal expansion is an increase i