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Difference between isothermal and adiabatic process?

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Isothermal process is going on under constant temperature, adiabatic is a process where no heat is exchanged (this does not imply that temperature is constant).
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What is isothermic process?

An isothermal process is the change of a system. But in this system  the temperature still remains constant.

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Why carnot cycle is called a two adiabatic and two isothermal process?

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Explain the difference between environmental lapse rate and adiabatic?

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Difference between adiabatic and isentropic process?

"Adiabatic process" refers to processes that take place in a closed system with no heat interaction with it's surroundings. "Isentropic process" refers to processes that ta (MORE)

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What is adiabatic process?

The process in which change in pressure ,volume and temperature takes place without any heat entering or leaving the system is called an adiabatic process