Difference between isothermal and adiabatic process?

Difference between isothermal and adiabatic process?
Isothermal process is going on under constant temperature, adiabatic is a process where no heat is exchanged (this does not imply that temperature is constant).
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Why carnot cycle is called a two adiabatic and two isothermal process?

  Adiabatic means there's no heat transference during the process; Isothermal means the process occurs at constant temperature. The compression and expansion processes (MORE)

Explain the difference between environmental lapse rate and adiabatic?

Environment lapse rate is nothing but rate of reduction/decrease with height for an atmospheric variable, mostly temprature is considered. It will not sound good, if we don' (MORE)

What is adiabatic process?

The process in which change in pressure ,volume and temperature takes place without any heat entering or leaving the system is called an adiabatic process
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Difference between adiabatic and isentropic process?

"Adiabatic process" refers to processes that take place in a closed system with no heat interaction with it's surroundings. "Isentropic process" refers to processes that ta (MORE)

What is isothermal process?

Isothermal process is a process in which change in pressure and volume takes place at a constant temperature.
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Why is there a difference between the dry and moist adiabatic lapse rates?

Air that is rising at the dry adiabatic rate can simply cool at the rate at which the decreasing pressure forces it to. Once it cools to its dew point at the lifting condensat (MORE)