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Difference between public and private service?

Public services are often financed via taxation while private services are based on the user pays principle. Public services often cater for larger groups while private services are often for smaller numbers - this is true for educational services for example. In terms of transport, taxis are private while buses tend to be public - one offers a small scale more personalised service the other a scheduled, predictable service along a fixed route.
Public services have a clear line of political accountability while private operators are more often regulated by market forces in terms of price and service quality
and range.
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What is the difference between public and private universitsy's?

price is usually the main difference . in a private college there is one tuition/roomand board price. while a public college has two tuition prices 1 for instate pupils and 1 (MORE)

What is the difference between a public and private Universities?

public means owned and operated by the government, usually the sate.private means that it is NOT owned by the government.exampleUCLA = university of California at los angeles (MORE)
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What is the Difference between private and public expenditure?

Public expenditure is a type of spending usually done by firms in the public sector, or government organisations, examples include: building of schools, dams, public and merit (MORE)
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What is the difference between public and private stock?

  Private stock is issued by a private company. It is hard to get into a private company so unless you know someone, you probably won't have the opportunity to invest. Inf (MORE)

What is the difference between public and private library?

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