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Difference between the movie and the book of the devil's arithmetic?

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  • In the Book, when Hannah goes back in time, she becomes Chaya. In the film her name is still Hannah
  • In the book, Hannah has a brother named Aaron. But in the film, she is the only child.
  • In the book, Hannah(as Chaya) meets Rivkah in the concentration camp. In the film, when Hannah just steps back in time, she meets Rivkah, who is her cousin, and her mother Mina
  • In the book, the commadant's name is Bruer. In the film, it is Kreiger.
  • Gitl, Tzipporoh, Rueven, Yitzchak, Fayge, Rachel, Yente, and Rosemary(Hannah's friend) are not in the movie.
  • In the book, there is no seder in the womens barracks. But in the movie, in order to make Rivka feel better after her mothers death Hannah does a seder
  • In the movie Hannah is old enough to drive and get a tatoo. In the book she is only 13.
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