Differences between Inherit the Wind book and movie?

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The most striking difference is the Native Dancer Story. In the play, Drummond tells the story to Cates while they are waiting for the verdict to come in. [In my opinion the proper place for it.] In the movie, Drummond tells it to Brady on the porch of the hotel after the first day of testimony. It takes some of he edge off the story and its purpose in the movie is somewhat blunted.
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Spencer Tracy, Fredric March, Gene Kelly, Dick York, Harry Morgan ==== We STILL don't know which orator defended teacher Dick York and which one defended the theory of Darwi

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It is about the debate between "creationism" and "darwinism" On the surface that is true. The movie was made in response to McCarthyism and was an attempt to show the public

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You read a book and you watch a movie. A movie that derives from a book is usually a bit different than the book itself.

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The first fact is: Inherit the Wind was never a book in the sensethat it was a work of fiction intended to be read. It is a play:intended to be performed. It is a fictionalize

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