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In the movie, there is much less narration, and you hear Melinda's thoughts less than you do in the book.
At the end of the book, Melinda speaks to Mr. Freeman about her being raped. In the movie, she tells her mother.
In the book, Andy Evans tries to rape Melinda a second time, whereas in the movie he physically assaults her instead.
In the book, Melinda hears about Rachel and Andy's breakup happening at prom, whereas in the movie, Rachel breaks up with Andy outside of his car.
The film mentions the story taking place somewhere in the Midwest. The novel takes place in Syracuse, Anderson's hometown.
In the book, the high school's mascot changes frequently (from Trojans to Blue Devils to Tigers to Wombats to Hornets), whereas in the film, it changes from Trojans to Hornets to Falcons and later to Wombats.
In the book she is raped outside on the farmland at the party, in the film she is raped in Andy's car.
In the book, when Andy tries to rape Melinda for the second time, she holds a shard of broken glass up to his neck and says "I said no.", but never actually hurt him. In the movie, she uses the glass shard, and throws bleach (or some chemical of that sort) in his eyes.
In the book, once Nicole and her friends save her from Andy, Melinda simply leaves. In the movie, after she is hurt by Andy, she is sent to the hospital.
In the book, Merryweather High School's colors are gray and purple. In the film, they are blue and red.
In the movie, Melinda meets Heather on the bus to school, whereas in the book she meets her in the auditorium.
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