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There are a wide variety of types of literature. These types of literature include fiction, non-fiction, biography, historical, as well as mystery.
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What was the type of literature encouraged by the renaissance period type of literature?

The Rennaissance, or "Age of Enlightenment", did not encourage a specific type of literature, however one of the most important aspects of the most reknowned writers of the ti

How was renaissance literature different from medieval literature?

In general terms, the literature of the Renaissance differed fromMedieval literature in its general spirit and typicalsubjects-of-focus. In respect to the former, it was vivac

What is the difference between literature and Literature?

Capitalizing the word literature into 'Literature' emphasizes its existence and importance and often refers to the collection of great literary works throughout history. You c

What is a type of literature?

  Fiction   Biography and Autobiography   Erotic Literature   Fairy Tales and Folklore

What is the difference between 'Literature' and 'literature'?

The first word (Literature) has the first letter capitalised. The second word (literature) is entirely lower-case. There is no difference in the meaning of these words. At th

What are some of the different types of mood in literature?

Mood is an emotion or feeling that a reader absorbs from a piece of literature. Since it is a literary element it must be described, it is wrong to use it simply as a noun. He