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There are a wide variety of types of literature. These types of literature include fiction, non-fiction, biography, historical, as well as mystery.
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General types of philippine literature?

ypes of literature   GENERAL TYPES OF LITERATURE PROSE Consists of those written within the common flow of conversation in sentence and paragraphs. · NOVEL This is long

5 types of conflict in literature?

Man vs. Self - A character against itself Man vs. Man - A character against another character Man vs. Society - A character against a group opposing to the conflict Man vs. Na

What are the general types of literature?

Answer   It depends on what you mean by "general   type of literature"?     Do you mean genre or time period?

What are the different types and forms of literature?

Epic, Shist, Diary, Legend, Essay, Fairy Tale, Folk Tale, Journal, Biography, Auto Biography, Novel, Play, Poem, Short Story are several forms of literature, :)

What is a category or type of literature?

Literature is broadly divided into fact and fiction and then you have Novels, Poems, Drama and Short stories. These are genres.

What is the difference between literature and Literature?

Capitalizing the word literature into 'Literature' emphasizes its existence and importance and often refers to the collection of great literary works throughout history. You c

What type of literature is Animal Farm?

Animal Farm is an allegorical novella. It is a fictional story which depicts socialist Communism in Soviet Russia. Orwell's novella challenges any government which unjustly tr

What are the types of characters in writing and literature?

Well, there are static characters and there are dynamic characters. Static characters are characters that remain unchanged throughout the story. One example of this would be L