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Differing hormone levels among sexes can cause a single genotype to express more than one what?

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They can result in more than one phenotype.
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Can a person with albinism have more than one genotype?

I think no. It's caused by a recessive gene so if a person has albinism their genotype can only be recessive, recessive ---> AA (small a small a or whatever you call it). No o

Can a maze be more than one level?

A regular pen-and-paper maze would be very difficult to make or comprehend. However there are many video games that involve multi-level mazes.

What are the causes of more than one ringworm?

ringworm on the body are caused by a fungal infection. There are different species of fungi which usually affect different areas. Lots of things can cause it: humid environmen
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Is there more than one cause of strain?

Yes, for causes. Disjunction of expectations and achievements,Failure to achieve positively valued goals, Removal of positivelyvalued stimuli, Presentation of negative stimuli