Digital camera samsung L200 and you lost the CD software to download your pictures to the computer can someone help you to find any website or store where you can find it?

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I lost my CD to my Samsung L200 And I really need to upload my pictures. please help
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How can one open downloaded pictures from a Sony digital camera when the computer can't find p-suite?

If the images are in a standard format (BMP, JPG, GIF) you should be able to open them with just about any image viewing program; if they're a non-stanmdard format, try using IrfanView ( If you double click on the image, and if it's in a format your photo editing software can use, it should just open up. If the only photo editing software you have came with the camera, you need to get one. Photoshop is great, but too expensive if you're not a professional graphics artist. Ulead makes a nice, full featured photo editor for a fraction of the cost of Photoshop, and it's very easy to learn. Or, if money is a problem, go to and download the latest version of GIMP(Graphics Image Manipulation Program). It's opensource, like Linux, so it's free. You'll need to download three things. First the gtk installer. This will install GIMP on Windows. Next is GIMP itself. Then, you'll want the help files, which are separate. Run gtk, then run GIMP, then run the Help files, and you're in business. There is also a GAP, graphical animation program. I haven't used it. I use GIMP daily, and find that it's a fine program. Good luck.

Where can you find downloadable software for a Sony Digital Video Camera Recorder that will allow your Mac to recognize the camera and let you edit your movies using iMovie?

Answer1: Go to, Click on service & support. Click on drivers/software. Fill in information needed on the following screens. Answer 2: Any Video Converter Ultimate for Mac released by Anvsoft Inc. could allow your mac to recognize the camera, and could convert to a iMovie format, and then you can edit the video on your iMovie.

Is any software required with digital camera?

Answer . Anything that may be custom made to get the files out of your camera should come with it. Generally, your PC will have a program for viewing, but with limited features. You may want to touch-up or resize pictures for printing or emailing. I rarely use a photo "as is", so it doesn't hurt to check what is included. Sometimes the camera will come with software for organizing and possibly an editor with "essential" features. That can save you some money. There are also a number of editors that come in a downloadable demo version to give you a feel for what the full version can do. . Helpful hint: make backup copies of precious photos and write-protect one set, so you don't accidentally delete or over-write them. Save a copy to CD or DVD and put in a safe place in case of a PC problem.

Do you have to download something to load pictures from digital camera onto computer?

most likely you do. It depends on the computer if it'll let you download the pics to your computer. Most computers will let you. But the only way I know of is to download the software onto the computer first. You should have a disk or floppy disk that comes with the digital camera and install it on the computer. That's all I can help with.

How do you download pictures from camera to computer?

If you want to put the picture onto a folder on the computer then connect your camera to your PC (or Mac) with the connecting cable (usually a USB cable), which you usually get with the camera you received, then go on its files and copy and paste the picture into the folder. That way you have more space on your camera and have the pic saved on your computer..

How do you download pictures from your camera to your computer?

photos can be transferred using the USB transfer cable that came with your camera. Make sure that your camera is in play/review mode when it is plugged in, otherwise your computer won't detect it. If your computer has a media card reader, you can remove the storage card from your camera and plug it into the appropriate card slot on your computer. After you have done either of these things, you should find a new disk in "My Computer" with the photos.

How do you find a lost CD key for a computer game?

i suggest you contact the company who made the game to get a new CD key.

Is a Samsung camera l200 good?

i just bought a samsung l200 last night and it works great takes great pics great video easy to switch from the different modes not confusing but im not sure how long it will last being i just got it last not

How do i download pictures from my camera to the computer with just the usb data cable and not the software?

Most cameras will connect as a remote disk. at that point just use the file explorer to see what you have and to transfer the files. Alternatively, you can purchase a reader that connects to the USB port and allows you to read the camera memory card directly. But then, why not just visit the web site of the camera manufacturer and download the software?

How do you download pictures from a camera to a computer?

you plug in your usb port from your camara to your computer and then all of your pictures will autimatically upload.

How do you store digital pictures on the computer?

If they are already in the computer, go to the top left hand corner and click 'file' then click 'save as' and save it to a folder in the computer's system.

How do you download pictures off a digital camera?

Your digital camera should have come with a cord to hook from your camera to the computer. Once it's hooked up, a page will pop up asking what you want to do with the pictures and you press "import pictures". If the page doesnt come up, go to My Computer and find your camera on there. The pictures will be in the folders and you can just move them to my pictures.

If you buy a disposable digital camera can you download the pictures onto your computer?

If your buying a disposable camera that can download photos to your computer your wasting your money. You should just buy a digital camera for twenty dollars. If you cant do this, if you have a printer with a scanner use that to upload the photos on to your computer. Hope this helps!

How do you Download software for fujifilm finepix digital camera pictures onto my computer with no software disc?

You cant unless the program is already on your computer... If you search your specific model (found in the fine print on your camera), you should be able to find the software.

Where can you find a driver online for a CD-30 technika digital camera?

I had the same problem windows update should fail and then goes on to ask you to check for a solution it gave me a link to a site the file is zipped its : SQ905C_DSC_Driver_V2.004_2007MAY28 It gives you "Mydsc2" its a app for viewing pictures on the camera. People have been saying you get an error on vista I did but it still worked I can view the pics I have took. There is also a web-cam app as well. I have a problem or a question is the camera suppose to work when you unplug the usb from it as it powers of when I unplug it , or is it just a web cam I got the impression it's a dual camera .

How do you download pictures from a digital camera to a computer?

You have to take the camera cord and put it in ur camera and then in ur computer then you go to your documents and then your pictures and then u just choose the ones you want to download and it might take a little while to download but it's good!

Downloading pictures from a digital camera?

Do you mean to transfer pictures from a digital camera to a computer ? Just connect the camera through an USB connector. If you haven't the digital camera program already installed, just connect the camera through the USB plug to your computer, and wait for the operating system to detect the new hardware, the digital camera. Once detected, wait for the camera led stop flashing, and a window will open with the files of the pictures you have taken. Select all the pictures and move them to a folder previously created ( My pictures, etc) Click on edit, select all and move to the new folder you have created, into the computer. Note that those actions depend of the operating system, the camera brand, but normally it may work well since you take the adequate steps. Once in the computer, the pictures can be edited using Microsoft Picture Manager for instance, since you have the Office 2003/2007 suite installed.

Can you download pictures from your computer to your sony digital camera?

No reason why not - connect via USB and get the computer to treat the camera as an 'external storage device' - Then you should be able to view the camera as another disk-drive (lets call it drive M) To transfer pictures to the camera - drag and drop the pics from your computers hard-drive to drive M

Are there any software that helps you change What someone is doing in a picture?

Do you mean Image Editing Software? I think Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 could help you. Below is the link:

What stores can you find dj computer software at?

If you're looking for a cheap and easy to use software, I suggest you to use Dub Turbo. Unlike other beat makers, dub turbo is easy to use, cheaper and more simple. You can use it to make your own beats, remixes, techno and trance music, dubstep and other kinds of electronic music. The good thing about it is that tutorials and training videos will be provided to get you started. It will help you a lot especially if you're a starter.

How do i get my pictures from my sony digital camera to my computer I have a usb cable and it is connected to the computer but I don't have the software that came with the camera?

Go on-line to the company that made the camera and download the software from them. You will need the exact model name and number of the camera to identify which download you need.

How to download camera digital pictures?

first connect camera with your pc. then cut all the pictures from camera and paste it in your's very simple

How do you find the website from a picture i downloaded?

You could use tin eye, a site that you can upload a picture to, and it will see if that picture exists somewhere else on the web.

How do you download Kodak digital camera software?

The camera should come with a CD and cables to connect to the computer. Read the handbook. You will need to put the CD in the computer and it should automatically download the software. If you don't have the CD go on line and download from Kodak.

How do you download pictures from my digital camera to my computer?

you should put in the sd card or connect it to the computor via usb

How do you find the websites visited by computer software?

In Windows 7, the Resource Manager can tell you which ip address each process is accessing. However, I don't know how to interpret that to a website.

How do you download pictures to your computer from your Samsung phone?

you will get a usb cable for your phone when you buy it you plug the usb cable into your phone the other end into your computer the you new usb will connect onto you computer then click on my computer and click on your new usb cable that has now been located onto your computer and go onto your pics the select the pics you want to put onto phone right click and press send to you have a number of options then click on your new usb but i wont know wat it will be called ive got a blackbury and a downloading thing will come up and you dont press anything it might take ten mins but then when it has finished you will have everything you selected onto your phone and then you will have done

How do you download pictures from a digital camera to facebook?

You have to download them to your computer first. Then go to your facebook account and click on upload photo. It should pull up this page and you click on browse files. find the file you saved the picture(s) and then click and upload them.

Where could someone find an affordable digital camera online?

There are many websites that offer great deals on digital cameras. A few include: Overstock, Amazon, Tech Bargains, Deals 2 Buy, Deal Catcher, Ebay, Best Buy, and more.

Is it hard to download pictures from your digital camera to your computer?

No. Your camera came with a USB cord. You plug one end into the computer and the other end to your camera. An icon will pop up on your home screen. Click on it and you're good to go.

How does someone download software to their computer?

Software can be downloaded to a computer in a couple of ways. First, it is important to know if the software is reputable and safe. One should never download unverified software. Once verified, a user can simply click on an icon for download or install using a DVD and follow the prompts based on one's preferences. Most software has recommended settings for those who are unsure about the specific settings.

Where can one find a Samsung digital camera for a low price?

There are several models of cameras from Samsung. After you narrow down the specific model (directions to specific websites are not allowed but it should not be hard to find!) simply do a search to find a good price. You can then compare them to prices at stores near you.

Where can someone find free CD burning software?

Many computers now come with CD burning software. However, online, one would find free CD burning software at Realplay, Sourceforge, or Freeware files.

Where online can someone find a free download for Payroll Software?

There are multiple companies that offer free downloads for payroll software. Some companies with free payroll downloadable software include Payroll Free Software, Real Tax Tools, and ADP.

Where can someone find free downloadable software to edit a picture?

There are lots of places online where someone can download free software. Most computers already have a basic picture editing program installed. Some sites with offer free programs include; PC Mag, Serif, Tech Radar, and Digital Trends.

Where can someone find help and support for software?

Contact details on how to speak to an official expert for help and support for software can usually be found in the paperwork or manual received with the product. If this is no longer available or the product was purchased online, the details can be searched for online.

Where can someone find and download pictures about nukes?

There are several websites that one can go to find and download pictures of nukes. These websites include GoogleImages, YahooImages, MenzelPhoto, and Gizmodo.

Where can someone find reviews for high speed digital cameras?

Someone can find reviews for high speed digital cameras on Amazon where many models of camera have hundreds of customer reviews. One can also find reviews on 'Digital Camera Info'.

Where can someone find reviews on a rechargeable digital camera?

Reviews on a rechargeable digital camera can be found on Consumer Report, Which, Amazon, Imaging Resources, Mouth Shut, Ripoff Report and Trusted Reviews.

Where can someone find information about Samsung software?

The official Samsung website provides information about Samsung software. LogoManager, Telecom, Phoload, and About also provide information about Samsung software.

Where can someone find a list of the top digital cameras?

You can find a list of the top rated digital cameras on the Consumer Reports page under home and than electronics & computers. You can also find another list on the Best Choice Reviews website.

Where can someone find discounts on digital cameras?

If an individual is looking to purchase a new camera, the best places to start would be at discount retailers or sites. Coupons can sometimes be found for digital cameras on the manufacturer's website though it usually has to be purchased from the same webpage. A used digital camera would be a much better deal especially if one can be found at retailers like pawn shops or on eBay.

Where can one find digital cameras and computers reviews?

One can find digital camera and computer reviews from Consumer Reports. This nonprofit organization works to ensure that consumers have access to accurate reviews of products.

Where can someone purchase a Samsung digital camera?

One can purchase a Samsung digital camera directly from the Samsung website. A camera such as this may also be purchased on sites where fine electronic devices are sold, including Newegg, Radio Shack and Best Buy.

Where can one find software to download for Samsung?

There are a few different online websites where you can find software to download for Samsung. A few of the websites include Samsung, Phoload, and CNET Download.

Where can one find a Website Marketing Software download online?

There are several places online where one can find website marketing software to download. Some of these sites include Hubspot, Demandbase, and Vocus.

Where can someone find a free download for Network Camera software?

Network camera software can be downloaded from the developer's website of the specific software solution one is interested in. It can also be downloaded from software directories such as Softonic, CNET, Softpedia, and FileHippo.

Where can one find software to help build a business website?

Software to help build a website can be found at most electronics shops which sell computers and computer accessories including software. One such store is Best Buy.

Where can one find a Samsung camera?

Samsung cameras can be found at a variety of stores or websites. Big stores such as Walmart and Target carry this brand. You can also get it directly from Samsung if you would like.

Where does digital camera store its picture?

In a magical dimension found within the database of the cameraunknown to regular humans. Only programmers can see it and othersources of technology