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Disadvantage and benefit of compensation plan?

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The disadvantage of a compensation would be not receiving any kind or amount of compensation and you would not have anything in your hand.
The benefit would be in receiving an amount of compensation for any reason or purpose and having some usable amount in your hand that you can use for all of the necessary living expenses and any thing else that you would to choose to use the compensation plan amount for.
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Can you close your 457 deferred compensation plan?

You should be able to do this but you may want to look at the plans  rules and documents to determine your best method to do this for  your benefit.   You definitely can

What are the differences between benefits and compensation?

In general, "Compensation" is the monetary exchange you receive for  the work you do, or services rendered, while "Benefits" are  non-financial forms of payment you receive

Are unemployment compensation benefits taxable in Texas?

There is no state income tax in Texas, so there is no state tax to worry about. Benefits earned in 2008 are fully taxable for federal purposes. The first $2400 of benefits

What is included in incentive compensation plans?

In incentive compensation plans there are many things included such as rewarding employees for their hard work, such as hours spent at work or overtime. Rewards can be directl

What is the compensation plan of Amway?

It varies slightly from country to country, but there are several ways to earn income through the Amway business (1) Through retail markup on sales to your own customers. Th

How long do workmen's compensation benefits last?

  Answer How long can you collect workers   For as long as your Doctor certifies you unfit for work. Depending on injury you may be required to take on another job a
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How does one apply for workman's compensation benefits?

Generally speaking, to apply for workers compensation one first has to go through a series of medical tests, investigations and interviews to confirm that the injury in questi