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In Biology
Causes of variation is random mutation. Random mutations constantly occur in the genomes of organisms; these mutations create genetic variation. If all living things were same, we will all use up one type of food as our nutrient source and eventually we will run out of food to consume.. making less likely for us to survive..
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How is variation causes?

There are several causes for variation that occur within apopulation. Some of these causes include neutral mutations, sexualreproduction, and diploidy.

What is he cause of seasonal variation of the world?

\nThe earth tilted on its axis as it is spinning and when it orbits the sun one pole is nearer the sun at one time and further away half a year later creating summer then winter, in between are spring and autumn. Whereas the opposite would be in effect for the other pole being closet to the sun whe (MORE)

What is the cause of seasonal variation of the world?

The cause of seasonal variation is the tilt in the Earth's axis. As the earth orbits the sun different parts of the earth become directly aligned with the suns energy heading rfrom north to south and back again over the period of a year or 1 revolution.

What causes variation in human beings?

if there is variation during fertilisation in humans due to atmospheric and climatic changes,then we can notice variation in humans in further stages.

In Darwin's finches what caused the variations?

Based on the study by Abzhanov et al. ( Bmp4 and Morphological Variation of Beaks in Darwin's Finches. Science 2004 ), the differences in beak shape is partly determined by the expression of a signaling factor ( Bmp4 ). Finches that have larger and broader beaks were shown to express Bmp4 earli (MORE)

Variations are caused by?

variation are caused by meiosis as they split and swap bits of chromosomes to the daughter cells to create variation

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What are the causes of genetic variation?

Human genetic variation is the genetic diversity of humans and represents the total amount of genetic characteristics observed within the human species. Genetic differences are observed between humans at both the individual and the population level. There may be multiple variants of any given (MORE)

How does recombination cause genetic variation?

In recombination, cross-overs exchange alleles between homologous chromosomes during meiosis in both parents. This is what allows for much of the genetic variation in the offspring of a population in each generation. Sexual recombination works in three different ways. First, chromosomes of the male (MORE)

What is a mechanism for change in a population in which organisms with favorable variations live reproduce and pass on their favorable traits?

When organisms with favorable variations live, reproduce, and pass on their favorable traits, this is called natural selection. This is also characterized by the phrase "survival of the fittest" in the evolutionary process. However, this is not always the case. Many times the survival of entire sp (MORE)

How might a variation or a mutation help an organism?

Mutations, or variations in genetic code that alter the structureof an organism, can in theory help a creature by allowingadaptation to its changing surrounding. However, genetic code canbe rather delicate; many learning disorders are attributed tocommon, malignant mutations in genetic code.

What two factors cause variation?

Because (in humans) we have the sperm and the egg- both have half the amount of DNA needed for a full person. Scientifically you would say we have "haploid gametes" (haploid is the half DNA bit and Gametes is a term for the sperm or egg) And because of "Crossing-Over"- in meiosis, the Chromosomes (MORE)

Variation in genotype is caused by what?

A few factors, mainly crossing-over in meiosis, random fertilization, and random separation of sister chromosomes in meiosis. There are also mutations, though they tend to have less of an impact of phenotypes.

What causes genetic variation in a population?

Meiosis. Mitosis is asexual. Meiosis creates genetic recombination through sexual reproduction. This provides different genes (chromosomes) to be combined and create different organisms. Mitosis makes the offspring the exact same as the parent because the same set of genes (chromosomes) are used in (MORE)

What two factors can cause variation within a group of living things?

Mutations are a source of variation in living things, the three forms being numerical, structural and gene mutations. Another source of variation is through sexual reproduction, where you have crossing over in Prophase I of meiosis, random fertilization of gametes as well as mendelian laws of indepe (MORE)

How does a variation help an organism?

Variation provides the ability to adapt to a changing environment. As an environment changes, those members of a given species with advantageous variations will be most likely to survive and produce offspring of their own. In other words, they are more fit.

Why all organisms show variation?

Variations arise due to recombinations(gene rearrangements) ,mutations etc.The former is the principal source of variation in sexually reproducing organisms and the latter is the source of variation in asexual organisms.According to Darwin variation arises due to chance since all the above mentioned (MORE)

What causes genetic variation in a species?

genetic variation happens because of meiosis. chromosomes are randomly in each sperm/egg cell, and so when they come together it's unlikely to get the same combination twice

How is variation beneficial to a population of organisms?

If that variation is selected on the basis of survivability and reproductive success then the populations gene pool allele frequency changes and the population becomes better adapted to the immediate environment, or adapted to a new and changing environment.

What are the factors that cause climate variations?

the factors that cause variation in the climate are 1.pollution 2. precentage of water vapour in the air 3.distance of earth from the sun 4.change in precentage of different gases in the atmosphere and a lot more

How air pollution causes danger to living organisms?

Air pollution is the introduction of harsh and harmful substances into the air. When these harsh chemicals, particle matter, and materials are released into the air it causes many problems. It is very bad for the lungs, can damage reproductive-systems, and can cause death to animals. This shows the (MORE)

What are some causes of genetic variation in sexually reproducing organisms?

Aside from mutation the sexually reproducing variation is due to independent orientation of chromosomes in meiosis ( two ways the sister chromatids can line up in their tetrads ), crossing over ( non-sister chromatids exchanging sections of genetic material ) and random fertilization in which male a (MORE)

What causes variation within species?

because the variation causes the variation becasue of the variation of the species. genetic mutation and adaption of some members to physical condition better than others (survival and reproduction of those best able to adapt to the environment. ) It can also be affected by the contact the species (MORE)

How do organisms achieve variation?

The differences shown by the individuals of one kind of organisms are called variations. Variations are due to hereditary and non-hereditary characteristics. Characteristics, which are passed from parents to off spring, are called hereditary characteristics. In general the term variation means th (MORE)

How does variation help or hurt an organism?

Variation helps and organisms, because it allows organisms tobetter adapt to their environment. From what I have learned, Idon't know what harmful effects it can do, but I know its not asharmful as mutation. Hoped it helped!

What causes DNA variation in organisms?

Mutation of the genetic code causes DNA variation in organisms. For example, during DNA replication, one nitrogen base may be substituted for another, or an extra base can be added, or a nitrogen base can be skipped. If any of these mutations occur during the formation of gametes (sex cells), then t (MORE)

What can cause variation within a species?

Reproduction produces variation in population gene pools. Everytime organisms reproduce, be this sexually or asexually, the genomeof the offspring is slightly offset compared to that of itsparent(s). Additional factors in this may be mutagenic influencesin the environment, such as radiation.

What are variations what causes them?

Variation or traits are due to changes in the genes. The genes are found in the DNA and when they replicate, the process doesn't always work correctly. We have called these mutations. A few are positive for the species, some are negative (and are not passed on) and a few do not make any change at al (MORE)

What are the genetic causes of height variations?

Hundreds of common genetic variants across the human genome influence adult height, according to a study of over 180 000 individuals published today in the journal 'Nature'. The study itself identifies over a hundred new variants and shows that they are not randomly distributed, but are clustered ar (MORE)

What is a variation that can help an organism survive?

A "variation" is a genetic feature expressed in some physical,physio chemical or behavioral manner by a living organism that isnot present in the general population of the species to which thatliving organism belongs. If that variation advantages that animal as compared to others ofthat species then (MORE)

How does variation hurt an organism?

Actually variation helps, because it increases diversity within thepopulation increasing chances of survival of the population in thecases of environmental disaster, disease, etc. Some individualorganisms in the population die and some live, more diversity themore likely some will live through whate (MORE)