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The educational system in South America is very tough for kids because the parents can't help them with their homework. Oh and 90 percent of them are literate but the poor education system continues to grow.

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What is the educational system of South America like?

There are different educational systems in South America. These  systems vary based on the country and on whether or not the  educational system is from the government or fr

Are most Latin Americans literate?

Today nearly 90 per cent of Latin American/Caribbean adults can read and write in Spanish but poor education systems continue to generate new illiterates

What is the most popular music in Latin America?

  Cumbia from Colombia is the most popular genre in Latin America (from Mexico to Argentina and Chile). It is pretty accepted in almost all countries and danced at parties

Is Latin America in South America?

Latin America is the region of the Americas (the American Continent) where romance language (Spanish, Portuguese and French) are spoken. It includes countries in North, Centra

What is the most common religion of latin America?

Roman Catholic, because the people who originally conquered the Native Populations were Catholic.

Describe the system of peonage in Latin America?

In peonage, free workers were not much better off than the slaves.  Since wages were low and prices were high, workers were in debt.  Their debt accumulated and passed from

Most educated Latin American countries?

Well, Colombia and Mexico have one of the best education systems in Latin America, but countries like Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay have an overall more educated populati

What is Latin Americas most pressing problem?

  Unemployment is the most pressing problem in Latin America. A reason why would be the lack of year round jobs available. Another would be that most Latin Americans are n

What is the most common political system in South America?

The most common political system in South America is a federal  republic. This usually has five branches of government namely  executive, legislative, judiciary, electoral,