Discuss the principles of a good plant layout What are its objectives Mention the factors affecting a plant layout?

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A scientific criteria for determining a good Plant Layout:
1. Integration:
Integrates of men, materials and machines and support services in order to get the optimum output of resources.
2. Cubic space utilization:
Utilization of both horizontal and vertical spaces and height is very important to use the space as much as possible.
3. Minimum distance:
Minimum travel of men and material should be implemented means; the total distance travel by the men and material should be minimized as much as possible. Further straight line movements should be promoted.
3. Floor:
Arranging the floor to move the material/finished products in forward direction towards the final stage.
4. Maximizing coordination:
Entry into and disposal from any department should be in such manner that it is most convenient to the issuing or receiving departments. The layout should be consider as a whole.
5. Minimum flexibility:
The layout should be able to modify when necessary.
6. Maximum accessibility:
All servicing and maintenance points should be readily accessible. For example; equipment should not be placed against a wall because necessary servicing or maintenance cannot be carried out easily. Further; equipments or other necessary units keep in front of a fuse box will impede the work of the electrician.
7. Safety security:
Due consideration to industrial safety methods is necessary. Care must be taken not only of the persons operating the equipment, but also of the passes-by, who may be required to go behind equipment as the back of which may be unsafe.
8. Minimum handling:
Reduce the material handling to the minimum. Material being worked on should be kept at working height and never have to be placed on the floor if it is to be lifted later.
The following principles also can be taken in to account when planning for a good plant layout;
  • The geographical limitations of the site;
  • Interaction with existing or planned facilities on site such as existing roadways, drainage and utilities routings;
  • Interaction with other plants on site;
  • The need for plant operability and maintainability;
  • The need to locate hazardous materials facilities as far as possible from site boundaries and people living in the local neighborhood;
  • The need to prevent confinement where release of flammable substances may occur;
  • The need to provide access for emergency services;
  • The need to provide emergency escape routes for on-site personnel;
  • The need to provide acceptable working conditions for operators.

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The main objectives of plant layout is to optimising the process of production process whithin the plant. shuch an optimizing results in :. 1- Productivity of activities. 2- reduction of cost regarding to:. a) money. b) time. c) labour. d) Land. e) psychological. 3- smooth flow of:. a) job. (MORE)

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gmp has to mbe implemented in pharma factories. gmp has to mbe implemented in pharma factories. gmp has to mbe implemented in pharma factories. gmp has to mbe implemented in pharma factories

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Definition of Plant Layout Plant Layout is the physical arrangement of equipment and facilities within a Plant. The Plant Layout can be indicated on a floor plan showing the distances between different features of the plant. Optimizing the Layout of a Plant can improve productivity, safety (MORE)

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Where possible, use single-storey buildings they provide more useable space, use an efficient storage plan that is place the goods in such a way that the store can be used optimally.

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1. Regional factors: These factors include proximity of the plant to the market and also to the sources of the raw materials. They also include infrastructural facilities, transportation facilities, and availability of skilled workers, legislation, the taxation and also the work attitude of the work (MORE)

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distance from raw material availability of cheap labor distance to market source of operating requirements of electricity, water etc suitability of land/climate

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Plannig the arrangement of plant equipment and people to create the most efficient layout that will produce products of appropriate quality at the l;owest unit costs

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A plant layout could be one of two things ... 1. The layout of plants, greenery or any such other used in landscaping. It is the arrangement of where you would like your plants to be planted and grow. 2. The layout or blueprint of a building aka warehouse aka plant.

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the machine utilization is to maximum extent passible . single machine is not meant for single operation .when a particular product is not manufactured,the other products will keep the machine engaged

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The followings are the principles of Office layout:. 1.Free flow of work,. 2.Free movement and observation,. 3.Effective supervision. 4.Flexibility,. 5.Maximum utilization,. 6.Placement,. 7.Lighting and Ventilation,. 8.Service and facilities,. 9.Safety,. 1o. Appearance.

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TYPES OF LAYOUT: There are mainly three types of plant layout: (a) Product or line layout (b) Process or functional layout (c) Fixed position or location layout PRODUCT OR LINE LAYOUT: In this type of layout the machines and equipments are arranged in one line depending upon the sequence (MORE)

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Generally it refers to a drawing which shows the building and equipment position in a gas turbine power plant. the designer consider the function of each building and equipment and their requirement and economical condition and prepare this drawing.

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1. Effective Use of Space - Space needs to be used effectively, with all the areas planned properly to break up the store into logical and functional areas such as POS, Back Office, Chaging Rooms, Pantry, Toilets, etc. 2. Inviting Customers - Layout is desinged to attaract the targeted audience. (MORE)

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Water, sunlight and soil nutrients (especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but others as well) are the main factors affecting the growth of a plant. Other factors are bacterial and fungal infections, and insect and other animal interference.

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A model facility layout should be able to provide an ideal relationship between raw material, equipment, manpower and final product at minimal cost under safe and comfortable environment. An efficient and effective facility layout can cover following objectives: . To provide optimum space to organi (MORE)

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Design of plant layout involves decision of placement of various equipments and facilities in a manufacturing plant. The design attempts to achieve an optimum balance between several objectives which may often be conflicting with each other. The objectives to be optimized in designing a plant lay ou (MORE)

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