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In Assam
u can cook cheken in 100 types n mutton in 101 types in assam ,i hope now u can predict the no. of dishes in assam...
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What is the capital of Assam?

Assam is a north eastern state of India its capital is Dispur (Guwahati-781005) Dispur, It's a locality of Guwahati itself. It's PIN Code is 781005

When will AIEEE forms be available in Assam?

Answer . visit the GetVidya community page for AIEEE frequently for the all updates of AIEEE and JEE source:: GetVidya forum for engineering aspirants::

Why houses in assam are built on stilts?

They are built on stilts to keep well away from the floods that happen when it rains. These houses are mostly found near the rainforest like the regions of north-east Read more:

Where do Assam Monkeys live?

The Assam macaque is an Old World monkey that can be found livingin places such as Nepal, Bhutan, Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, andVietnam. They are a threatened species due to logging, hunting andthe pet trade.

What is the main food of Assam?

Rice is the main food of Assamese people. But Assamese people take a lot of other side dishes along with rice which are quite different than other parts of India. Assamese peoples are generally non-vegeterian, even the high cast people(Brahmins) also take meat which is quite imposible in rest of Ind (MORE)

Name the main crops of Assam?

The main crop of Assam is Rice. In addition to it a number of vegetables and fruits produce in Assam. Moreover Assam produce 60 PC of total tea produce in India. Worldwide, Assam is best-known for tea, particularly, strong, black teas which are commonly used as one of the main ingredients in strong (MORE)

What is dish out?

In restaurant and cooking terms the phrase "dish out" means toplate and serve food. However, the phrase has also come to meangiving someone a tough time or punishment or even information.

What is Assam famous for?

Assam is famous for its tea and wildlife. Its famous wildlife parks are Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Saikhowa National Park and Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. Assam tea usually refers to strong black tea which the region is best-known for. Assam black tea is one of the main component (MORE)

Why land of assam is called assam valley?

Officially it is not recognised. It is just a verbal name due to its name Assam. It is called valley because majority land is valley. Actually the state has two valley - Brahmaputra and Barak valley. These names came from two main river of the State. With the name of Assam valley people wanted to in (MORE)

Assam shares its borders?

Assam shares its border with neibering state of Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizuram, Tripura and Arunachal pradesh along with foreign nation Bhutan, Bangladesh.

Why houses in assam built on stilts?

Assam is a plain area surrounded by hills on all three sides in large area of North-East. So, Assam is usually flooded. So people of Assam built houses on stilts. To avoid being flooded they do so

In which direction assam is?

Assam is situated in far east side of India sorrunded by a number of forign nations. It is a beautiful land of evergreen forest and a number of wild animal like Rhino and Eliphant.

What are the dresses worn in Assam by men?

Traditionally Assamese men worn Dhuti and kameez along with a Gamusa hang on the neck. However different Tribal peoples have their own dress pattern but mostly Dhuti and Kameez is the most popular dress worn by Assames men

Where is 'the dish'?

Good sir, my satellite dish is located on the side of my house. That reminds me, Cash in the Attic is on!. Plum. home plate in baseball

What is the main method of transportation in assam?

Trains and Buses are the main transport of Assam. Air services also available from Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Tezpur, Silsor to other parts of the country. Inland water transport is also available in the major rivers of the state. Small tourist texi and hired cars are available anywhere in the sta (MORE)

Define the state assam?

As if an endless list of problems ranging from insurgency to floods and erosion and unemployment is not enough, the Assam Government is now desperately looking for a definition of 'Assamese', an issue that has roots in the Assam Accord signed way back in 1985. The issue that had raised quite a flutt (MORE)

Why do floods occur frequently in Assam?

Assam is situated at the easternmost part of India. Geographically it is at the foothills of the Himalaya. Every year Assam experiences a huge amount of losses due to devastating flood caused by the river Brahmaputra.

Where is Assam?

Assam is a northeastern state of India. It is located in the south of the eastern Himalayas.

How many airports in assam?

Six airports are in Assam. The city names and airports name are follows Guwahati (Borjhar), Jorhat (Rowriah), Dibrugarh (Mohanbari), Lilabari (Lilabari), Tezpur(Tezpur) and Silchar (Kumbhirgram). Jayanta Sarma

How makar sankranti is celebrated in assam?

In the southern part of Assam ( which comprises districts like Cachar, Hailakandi etc) Makad Sankranti is considered as one of the greatest festival. Peaople make tents using bushes and celebrate inside it the previous night. In early morning of 15th January they take bath and burn the tents and fee (MORE)

Who was prime minister in assam?

The state of Assam does not have a prime minister. It instead has a governor and a chief minister. Currently, Governor Janaki Ballabh Patnaik and Chief Minister Tarun Kumar Gogoi are the officials of Assam.

How to develop the Barack Valley of Assam?

Make a corruption free environment.Development of transport,health and education system. Make a state anticorruption body,make a separate barak valley development council,complete the central govt grant projects in fixed time with honest and good quality of work.People have to give votes only to hon (MORE)

What do Assam people wear?

The peopleof the state of Assam in Northeastern India are known as the Assamese. The ladies wear a specail three piece sari known as Mekhla Chadhor, often made of silk, for which Assam is famous.The men wear dhoti ( a layered wrap worn a round the waist )and kurtas,( high or round collared tunics) s (MORE)

How do you develop Hailakandi District of Assam?

1) The people should give vote to efficien t and honest peoples. 2) Develope business with neighbouring states like Mizoram,Tripura,Manipur and the neighbouring countries like Mayanmar,Bangladesh etc .3) Improving the standard of education and healht system.4) Increasing the quality of road (MORE)

When Mahatma Gandhi was came in Assam?

Gandhiji had paid four visits to Assam........ His first visit took place in the year 1921, second visit in 1926, third in 1934 and the fourth and the last one in the year 1946.

Why houses in Assam build on stilts?

Houses in Assam are built on stilts to protect people living in them from snakes,damp soil and floods which occur at a possibility of one per year.

What is the religion of the Barjubi Community of Assam?

Not easy to say bcuz india has so many ppl and religions practiced throughout. Assam is mostly Hindu, with Islam being the second largest religious community. Since that's true of India as a whole, and also Assam, the Barjubi community probably follows suit. It was colonized by Britain, so Christian (MORE)

What is a dish?

A prepared meal as a whole can be described as "a dish" it can also be the name of the crockery used to carry or place food on. A type of plate to hold food.

National park of assam?

There are approximately 5 national parks in Assam. One of the parksis named Kaziranga National Park.

Why assam is backward industrially?

Assam is said to be a backward industrially because despite of itbeing blessed with high potential for the development ofresource-based and demand-based industries, the pace ofindustrialization in Assam had not been satisfactory.

What is a dish-?

The word dish is a noun. It refers to a shallow bowl or flat bottomplate that is used for serving food.