Divorce with child custody when spouse lives abroad?

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A divorce with the custody of a child involved can get very tricky when one parent lives abroad. It is almost impossible to force the absent parent to pay child support, and if the parent takes the child to some countries it may be impossible for the US parent to get the child back,
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Can you get custody of your child if your spouse is having an affair?

This is difficult to answer because the main deciding factor is thejudge in the case. If the spouse is a good parent (I realize manyof us don't consider a cheating partner bei

Who gets custody of a girl child after divorce?

Depends on the parents and what the court find is best for the child. Most courts likes to see shared custody so the child has access to both parents. The gender of the child
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Can your spouse soon to be divorced tell you what you can and cant do with your children if you are the primary care giver but have joint custody and live in different states?

No. Married parents have equal rights where their children are concerned. Legal joint custody means you have an equal right to make decisions that affect the children. If the
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Can you lose custody of your child if you cheat on your spouse'?

Believe it or not, in some states yes. Adultery is still on the books as a crime in 22 states and if parents are convicted of a crime, they risk obtaining or maintaining custo