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Do Asian peoples have pubic hair?

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Do most people shave their pubic hair?

No, most people don't. It can be for people who wear revealing clothes, for sexual reasons, or for personal hygiene , or to get rid of pubic lice.

Do people with strawberry blond hair have red pubic hair?

Real redheads tend to have about the same color concentration in  all their hair, so natural (no bleach, no dye, no sunbleaching)  strawberry blondes will usually have straw

Can Asian people have curly hair?

I am from the Philippines, a part of Southeast Asia, and I knew that some people there have inborn curly hair (not kinky). There are also ethnic group there called locally as

Do Asians have straight pubic hair?

Some Asian people have straight pubic hair (as do many westerners), although curly pubes are much more common. The texture of pubes differ from person to person and does not n

Do ginger people have ginger pubic hair?

I myself am a ginger and yes we do have ginger pubes i know i do and i think the same goes for other gingers .... Yes all ginger's have ginger pubes get over it, its Fact :)

Why don't Asian girls shave pubic hairs?

In Asia they are really conservative in general and they aren´t interested in Western trends in general. In Japan for instance people associate hairless vulvas with Hentai an