Do Bill and Tom Kaulitz smoke weed?

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They did when they were younger according to the interview in Bravo.
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Does Bill Kaulitz smoke?

Yes he does. At parties but even backstage, in hotelrooms before interviews etc. They all do. Yes he does. They all do, there are pics. Yes they all are.

Are Bill and Tom Kaulitz gay?

No, they are both straight. Tom is in fact a bit of a womanizer. While Bill has often been described as gay, he is straight and very romantic.

Who is hotter Bill or Tom Kaulitz?

Answer: Well they are twins so if you take away there hair makeup piercings etc. They're pretty much exactly the same looking. But if your into a more gangster type look than you might think Tom is hotter but if your into a sexy guy who sings with a voice that sounds like it was made by angels th (MORE)

Do tom and bill kaulitz have soft noses?

I don't think that anybody here on WikiAnswers has felt Bill or Tom's noses to see if they were soft or not. You would have to get that information through a girlfriend or friend like that to find that out.

How do you get to know Bill or Tom Kaulitz?

you can go to any of their concerts. in the summer they are coming to north america. check out the dates on the us tokio hotel homepage. become a badass fashion designer, or a papparazi XD

When and where were Tom and Bill Kaulitz born?

Born in Leipzig Germany September 1 1989. Tom, born at 6:20 am, and is the oldest by Ten Minutes. In an interview Tom said: "The best present I've ever received was 10 minutes after I was born". Bill replied with a smile, wiping away fake tears. They are really close brothers:) They have gott (MORE)

How can you meet Tom or Bill Kaulitz?

the chances are really small ^^"... but there have been, are, and will be contests that you can enter to win a ticket to a concert, and even a meet&greet before the concert. or if they tour in a country where TH is not very well known, maybe you'll see them around :D.

Do Bill and Tom Kaulitz smoke?

they say they don't ,but they really do (but not very much). Yes they do you can see them in pictures from the maldives and the comet awards.

Why did Bill Kaulitz start smoking?

He partysmokes and therefor he doesn't feel that he's a smoker. He must be in denial though since he has been seen to smoke backstage. . He still even doubts officially that he smokes. So no one could ever asked him about it(and if someone did, he didn´t received an answer ;). In the Tokio Ho (MORE)

Have Bill and Tom Kaulitz kissed?

Other people? Yes. Each other? It's safe to assume that the answer is a resounding NO - don't believe everything you read in fanfiction.;-)

What kind of girls does bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz like?

they have both said many many times that as long as it's true love it doesn't matter. . i think that bill and tom (and every boy in the world) would like a good-looking girl .. what else? outgoing,funny,spontaneous (ou and yep ! needed smn with butt and curvy body). jk ! i love tokio hotel ! an (MORE)

Is tom and bill kaulitz Chinese?

Not as far as it is known, but as I wrote regarding another related question (whether they were Asian), not all Germans look the same as Americans think they are supposed to. My father was from Germany and he had at least one relative who had the same slightly "Asiatic" eyes or exotic looks. Remembe (MORE)

Do bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz have a pet?

It varies throughout time, depending on which pets are dead. Bill likes dogs. Bill's pets are:A black labrador named Scotty that he got from a shelter a few years ago, and reportedly a cat named Casimir. Bill's more previous pet was a mouse. When that died, Bill wrote his first song. For the mo (MORE)

Does Tom Kaulitz sing Monsoon with Bill Kaulitz?

Yes Tom Kaulitz does sing Monsoon ,and other TH songs (parts of them) with Bill. Yes, Tom sings parts of Monsoon with Bill. If you go on youtube and look up "Tom singing Monsoon" You'll hear him singing parts of the song. He's actually quite good but has a deeper voice, but Bill will always sou (MORE)

Are Bill and Tom Kaulitz religious?

Both Kaulitz twins have said in interviews that they don't believe in God, they are not Christian and not even agnostic. Their song 'Beichte' is very tongue in cheek, and has lyrics that have Bill beg 'let me be the angel in hell'. That both were baptized as babies doesn't mean they believe or ever (MORE)

Are Tom and Bill Kaulitz twincest?

what a meaningless question ,NO THEY NEVER WERE ,ARE ,OR WILL BE. people always want to find bad stuff about others and when theywon't find them , they end up by creating inexact stuff(such as twincest and other). No, they are NOT. And they aren't Gay either. Bill said so himself,and Tom is a Lady (MORE)

Is tom kaulitz close to bill?

well obviously Tom and Bill are close they are brothers Super close! read the intervies XD Of course, they're twin brothers! [10 minutes apart and if I may mention--They are FINE!]

Is bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz Christian catholic?

No. Both Kaulitz twins have said in interviews that they don't believe in God, they are not Christian and not even agnostic. Their song 'Beichte' is very tongue in cheek, and has lyrics that have Bill beg 'let me be the angel in hell'. That both were baptized as babies doesn't mean they believe or e (MORE)

Have bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz kissed anyone?

doh ! they are almost 21 ! tom got his first kiss at 10 and bill at the same age with the same girl as tom They have both had several gfs and are no longer virgins since the age of 14-15yo so of course they have.

Do bill and tom kaulitz do drugs?

They said they have before. In high school. They do get high occasionally but not regularly Edit: To the person above: They said that they did drugs when they were 13, and have stopped. Meaning they do not do any types of drugs now. They do drink, though.

Does Tom Kaulitz smoke?

Yes, both of the Kaulitz twins smoke although rarely in public Yes Tom Kaulitz Smokes.....He Didnt Soke That uch When He Was Younger But i Think He Is Getting Heavier And Heavier Each Year

There is a lot of info about Bill Kaulitz but what about Tom Kaulitz?

Birth Name . Tom Kaulitz . Height . 5' 11¾" (1.82 m) . Trade Mark . His dreadlocks. . Trivia . Twin brother of Bill Kaulitz, a member of Tokio Hotel. . Was born 10 minutes before his twin brother, Bill. . Is an avid Hip Hop fan. His favorite artist to listen to is Germa (MORE)

Did Tom and Bill Kaulitz like the USA?

Oh yeah they love it there. They can be more anonymous for more thing. They are thinking about getting an apartment in LA for when they work and want to get away.