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Do Christian Kane have brothers and sisters?

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Yes, Christian Kane has a sister named Jennifer. She is an attorney for Wal-Mart.
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Are Kane and the undertaker half brothers?

  Within WWE Kayfabe, Kane and The Undertaker are infact half-brothers. They have been told to have been born from the same mother, with different fathers respectivately

Do Kane and Undertaker have any sisters and brothers?

yes they have thre sisters and one brother . the name of their brother is paulharisson . he died in the small age only because of small accident. their three sisters live at

Who is kill Kane brother Undertaker?

Under Taker Is alive...........Its Because of the 4-way fatal match..That Had no superstar players in it.......So they created controversy that the Undertaker is dead.........

Are Kane Undertaker true brothers?

I love undertaker  Undertaker and Kane are brothers in real life.But,they are only half brothers.  (p.s."I love undertake ISN'T a answer)

Who is Christian Kane dating?

Christian Kane is dating Whitney Duncan. They reunited in Jan. 2011 after nearly a year apart They have had an off again on again relationship since 2006-2007 Here are some o

Does Christian Kane have his tongue pierced?

The answer is a simple no! But ... here comes the big but... he has his ears pierced, both of 'em. Omg! Right but it looks good. He's still not married and not seeing anybod