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Do Christian Kane have brothers and sisters?

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Yes, Christian Kane has a sister named Jennifer. She is an attorney for Wal-Mart.
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Do Kane and Undertaker have any sisters and brothers?

yes they have thre sisters and one brother . the name of their brother is paulharisson . he died in the small age only because of small accident. their three sisters live at

Who is Kanes brother?

In the TV series, Kung Fu, Kwai Chang Caine 's half-brother is Danny Caine.

Does Christian beadles have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, he has a 17 year old sister names Caitlin. Her full name is Caitlin Victoria Beadles. She's in many of his youtube videos. They have a Youtube channel together called 'Th

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When was Christian Kane born?

Christian Kane was born on June 27, 1974.

Does Christian Kane have any tattoos?

Yes he does. It's on his left calf. Nobody seems to know what its of, as you only see part of it in Leverage's "The Tapout Job' i don't know if you can see it anything else he