Do Haruhi and Tamaki ever kiss?

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yes .. in chapter 83 p. 42 or 43 .. tamaki kissed haruhi . also in chapter 81 p.17
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What is haruhi?

Haruhi is the protagonist of the anime; "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". She is a god-like character with the ability to make wishes come true and to create new dimensions and worlds. However, she cannot know about these abilities and does not realize what she does. For example, she made a diffe (MORE)

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Not that I know of. Because they are replacing dawn with Iris. Iris is in a mauking voice. I personally want Dawn to stay. For Dawn and Ash were meant to be together. Pearl shipping all the way!

Will Sora and Kairi ever kiss?

Let me answer that for ya........hmmm......disney is becoming a more "modern" company so in dream drop distance we may see some "action" ;)

Does Amy ever kiss Sonic?

Amy might get a game of her own, where she has to rescue Sonic from Eggman & Metal Sonic, in the end she will chase him into the sunset, but this time she will actualy CATCH him. Then she will kiss him.

Who is tamaki suoh?

tamaki suoh is from the ouran high school host club its an anime he is the prince type that's all i can give i love tamaki suoh well you can search it on wikipedia or in the Google seach box and look for pictures. He is a blond haired half Japanese and half French boy. His mother is usually ill and (MORE)

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NOOO!!! actually he doesn't kiss anyone in the show naruto !!! he does not kiss sakura and matsuri!! were did you get that from...?

Do Max and Fang ever kiss?

The Angel Experiment [BOOK 1]: pg 373 Max gives Fang a quick kiss because he is badly hurt Schools Out--Forever [BOOK 2]: pg 90 Fang kisses Max on the forehead. He does this after telling Max to stop freaking out because she had seen herself as an Eraser in the mirror. They also both kiss dif (MORE)

Does May ever kiss Ash?

No they have never kissed.THE only kisses that ash got in cheek were from,melody and ... i do not know that that was in Pokemon heroes PS:do you know new girl in Pokemon?HER name is Iris.

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Yes. It may be that he is uncomfortable at this moment in time, so you need to respect that. A kiss can be a big thing for someone, especially those who are new at it. If it's important to you, talk to him about it. Get to understand why he isn't kissing you. Alternatively, you can just go in for (MORE)

Did ash and may ever kiss?

whats wrong with you you loser you have no life dont you? omg you are so gay and stuiped get a life you loser Wow, way to be a jerk. I'm not really sure if they kissed, it's been tossed around alot lately. Sorry.

Who is tamaki suou?

Tamaki Suou is a fictional character from the manga and anime called Ouran High Host Club ( Ouran High School Host Club, Ouran Koukou Host Club etc... ) by Bisco Hatori. . Excuse my English - it's not my first language.

What chapter does tamaki and haruhi kiss?

ammm you mean the young girl who works at a shop in an abandoned city along with her grandmother,....she does not kiss no one and haruhi(this character is tottaly unknow for me) well you must have seen some fanfiction. uh... Tamaki kisses Haruhi in chapter 81 on page 17 but i forget if he kisses (MORE)

Does tamaki love haruhi?

Tamaki does love Haruhi. He thinks his feelings are justfatherly love, but he later realizes he loves her for real.

When do haruhi and tamaki kiss?

Haruhi and Tamaki have yet to purposely kiss, but Tamaki kissed Haruhi on the forehead twice, once tried to kiss her lips, and just recently in Chapter 72 I think, when they turned around, their lips met slightly and they blush insanely. Hope it helped! yah in chapter 81 they kiss severaly times an (MORE)

Did hikaru kiss haruhi?

No, not that I know of. The only one out of the Hitachi brothers isKaoru, he kisses Haruhi on the cheek while Hikaru was there andHikaru got jealous but Hikaru does love Haruhi and Kaoru loves hertoo but loves Hikaru more and doesn't want to lose their brotherlyrelationship and gives up on Haruhi so (MORE)

In which episode do tamaki and haruhi kiss?

episode 26. They were suppose to kiss in the last epsiode but sadly didnt. I heard that they kissed in the manga though. . They accidently kissed in chapter 72 of the manga and Tamaki has kissed her on the forehead, I think twice.

Do Tamaki and Haruhi love each other?

yes . tamaki already said he likes haruhi and haruhi always act wierd in front tamaki In the manga after they share an accidental kiss in chapter 72 (i think) Haruhi and Tamaki have many thoughts on how to confess to one another that they love each other. It's really cute and I can't wait to see h (MORE)

Did haruhi and kyon ever kiss?

Yes they do kiss breifly in the first season, but as commented before they do not end up together! There is a new season coming out called 'the Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya' this year though, hopefully we will see them together in this ;)

Does haruhi and tamaki get together?

In the Anime, no, I haven't read the Manga yet, so I suggest asking someone who has for a more depthful answer. In the end of the Anime it was hinted at that they loved each other, but too vaguely to me. Guess it's up to the fan artists and Fan-Fic authors to decide

In Ouran highschool host club does tamaki kiss haruhi?

Hi well I tried everything to find out but no i don't think so but there is a manga were you can keep reading if you want to to see what will happen later go on mangafox and just time in ouran high school host club EDIT LittleBayPony yes, Haruhi and Tamaki do kiss, chapter 83, page 43 haha, i (MORE)

Do shana and yuji ever kiss?

Nope. Well not yet anyway, in a movie shana nearly kiss' yuji while he was unconscious but they got interrupted...

Does rinji and Rukia ever kiss?

Um, Do you meant Renji? And never, they are just (sadly (die hard RenRuki fan here)) childhood friends, but it shows that Renji has extreamly deep feelings for her.

Does Tinkerbell ever kiss terence?

Yes it is very likely that he does because he has a strong crush on her there will be more movies and its most likely he will kiss her in one of those

Has anybody ever kissed in Naruto?

Yeah. Naruto and sasuke accidentally kissed once. But it was because he was accidentally pushed. And tsunade kissed him on the forehead in the episode after the legendary sannin fight.

Do yusei and akiza ever kiss?

no cus if they did it would start a fight with a lot of the people in the show like crow if he found out that something like that happen he would probably freak out or have a very evil smile on his face

Does Zelda ever kiss link?

At the end of Zelda 2, it is implied. She leans in, however, because the graphics are too crappy and a curtain falls, I can't really tell. The only other one I can think of is in the OoT manga, but since it's not canon, I'm only giving it half credit.

Does Phineas ever kiss Isabella?

I doubt it'll ever happen! I mean, every episode is the same and it won't change! They'll never kiss because very dang episode is exactly the same! ):

Does jimmy ever kiss Rachel?

yes Jimmy and Rachel do infact kiss in episode 192 chinesese. sorry for wrong spelling never really good at it. ;)

Do sonny Chad ever kiss?

Yes they do. They kiss for about 6-7 seconds on the lips. But they kiss more then once, in 1 episode. Its Sonny with a kiss

Does ichigo ever kiss anyone?

(Whar people think): When ichigo was sleeping, right before orihime left to Hueco Mundo she kissed ichigo claiming if she had 7 lives wih different jobs she would fall in love with the same guy each time she lived. she then kissed him crying. she left right after because the fourth espada Ulquiorra (MORE)

Does Amy ever kiss knuckles?

yes. Amy kisses knuckle on the beach under the moonlight when knuckles starts feeling sad because of something rouge said to him. And that's when they start gowung out and sonic and rouge get jelous.

What season did haruhi and kyon kiss?

The first. It happens when Haruhi creates that new world with just Kyon and herself in it. Kyon gets everything to return to normal by kissing Haruhi.

Do Haruhi and hikaru kiss?

If you are talking about Ouran High School Host Club (which I believe you are) then the answer is no. Hikaru likes Haruhi but she falls in love with Tamaki. If you havn't watched the full anime, don't read on! Haruhi only kisses one person in the anime and that is a girl but it's only because th (MORE)

Why does haruhi chose tamaki?

Um... that's a bit of a though question... it's kind of hard to know the answer for that since I don't think they ever specify it in the anime or the manga. I guess because she knows she loves him...? I may be wrong and they do mention some reason but I don't remember it ever being mentioned.