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Do I have to have ID when traveling with children on an airplane?

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yeah, bring their drivers license you idiot!
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What is some advice for airplane travel with children?

Flying with Children Here is advice from the community for air travel with kids: . Fly on red-eyes for long trips. Your child should sleep. Be sure there is someone e

Do children need id to travel in the us?

  As long as it is domestic travel (within the U.S.) children do not need ID as long as they are traveling with an adult who can present ID. If the child is traveling alon

What is some good advice for airplane travel with children?

Check your airlines policy for things like booking bassinets for  long haul flights - if you need one you will need to book it in  advance. Likewise, if you want to take a c

Can children travel on airplanes?

Yes children can fly on airplanes accompanied by adults. They can also for a fee, travel as an unaccompanied minor.