Do I need to replace old faucet for new portable dishwasher new portable dishwasher when connected to old faucet sprays water and packing material form bottom of spout how to fix?

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What can you do if a new faucet was recently installed in the kitchen and the drain vent next to the faucet shoots like a geyser when the dishwasher is turned on?

\n. \n Answer My guess is your garbage disposer was also replaced and they forgot to knock out the plug before connecting the disposer hose/drain\n. \n. \nIt sounds like yo

Can you permanently install a portable dishwasher?

This is actually something that my father did successfully. It waseasy. He just went to a home improvement store and found all thenecessary pipe fittings to convert the hose(s

Can you install a new faucet with an extra spray outlet and use the dishwasher vent hole in the sink thereby connecting the dishwasher drain directly to the disposal?

Answer dishwasher drain \n. \nNot sure what you mean by dishwasher vent hole, but you probably mean the air gap fitting. Some dishwashers connect directly to the disposal,

Is there such thing as a portable dishwasher?

Answer . Yes. It is built on small wheels so it can be moved about easily. Usually more exspensive than a built in unit because it has two finished sides and a finished top

How do you hook a portable dishwasher to the faucet?

There is a fitting available that you put on the end of the faucet. Take the screen off the end of the spout and this fitting screws on. It is like a quick connect for an air

If you need to replace a portable dishwasher but the top matches the counter can you take it off and put it on a new one?

Yes, you certainly can. I bought and old portable dishwasher with achipped up and ugly top. Here's how: Open the door of thedishwasher and inspect the underside of the top. Yo