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Do I need to replace old faucet for new portable dishwasher new portable dishwasher when connected to old faucet sprays water and packing material form bottom of spout how to fix?

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DO portable dishwashers require hot water?

  Some may have a water heating element inside of them, so they are not dependent on having hot water available.

If you need to replace a portable dishwasher but the top matches the counter can you take it off and put it on a new one?

Yes, you certainly can. I bought and old portable dishwasher with a  chipped up and ugly top. Here's how: Open the door of the  dishwasher and inspect the underside of the t

Kitchen faucet doesn't work but dishwasher does?

Possibly unscrew your aerator at the end of the spout and see if  the screen is clogged. Blow it out and rescrew the aerator on. If  that isn't the problem, sometimes things
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Can you leave the water running over night with a portable dishwasher?

You can, however if your faucet can't handle the pressure having  nowhere to go that long then you might have a chance of damaging  it. However the pipes, the underworkings