Do I need undercoating?

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Short answer, NO you do not NEED undercoating.
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Go to a pet store. Buy a nice, big cage. Get a wheel WITHOUT spaces between the bars. a rodent could get their foot/tail stuck between the bars and get it ripped off. Also, bu

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Needs range from basic survival needs (common to all human beings; such as water, food, shelter, etc) to cultural, intellectual, and social needs ( depending on which place to

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Should Creosote used as an automotive undercoating?

Creosote is a very unstable substance. If you somehow undercoat your vehicle with it, you need to be in either Alaska or Canada or northern Europe for it not to melt--it disso

Is undercoating needed?

It is a waste on American made cars, like Fords. They will just break down and fall apart regardless. (Above answered by a bigoted Chevy owner or a furriner)

What is the best undercoating for warhammer 40k models?

It depends on what colour scheme you are painting your army for example something like White Scars Space Marines it's best to use a white or grey undercoat but Chaos Space Mar
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What is the purpose of undercoating?

Undercoating is a waterproof coating applied to cars' undersides to prevent them from rusting. The parts under your car are also vulnerable to damage from the elements (especi