Do Italians believe in Buddha?

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Yes and no. Those Italians who hold other or no beliefs don't believe in Buddha. Those Italians who respect Buddhism as a religion believe in Buddha.

What do Buddhas believe?

To start with Buddhists believe in the Four Noble Truths . All life is suffering (Dukkha): All aspect of life are essentially unsatisfactory and cause some degree of suffe

Do Filipino people believe in Buddha?

some Filipinos do believe that and some are Muslims too! but mostl Filipinos are christians Filipino buddhists do believe in Buddha of course. There are Buddhist Temple

What did Buddha believe?

He had a belief in life after death,karma,dharma,energy,harmony and finding happiness within the soul. Answer: The Buddha's beliefs are summarized in the Four Noble Truths

What did Buddha believe in?

He believed that: . All life contains suffering or unsatisfactoriness . That this undesirable condition is called by desire . That there is an escape form desire and suffe

Who did Buddha believe in?

Buddha believed: . All life contains suffering . All suffering is caused by desire . There is a way to escape suffering by eliminating desire . The Eightfold Path is the

What religion did the Buddha believe in?

I'm pretty sure the story of the Buddha indicates that he didn't believe in any religion but was seeking a way out of suffering. His realizations from that search then turned

Do you believe in Buddha?

Yes, I do believe in Buddha, because Buddha Ji was born in my Country Nepal. It is very easy to believe in actual historic figures like Buddha, Richard the Lion Heart, Mao Z

What did Buddha believe that truth is?

The Buddha believed that each person should find their own truth, a truth that brings themselves closer to oneness with everything, that allows them to accept the world around

Can you be a Christian and believe in the Buddha?

Christians have no constraint on believing in historical figures. Buddha is a historic figure. Christians can believe in him. As far as Christians believing Buddhist doctrin
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What did Buddha believe was the cause of suffering?

The texts tell us that the Buddha discovered that our own; thoughts words and deeds are the primary cause of our own suffering. Suffering generally is the result of 'ignorance
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Do Buddha religion believe in God?

Buddha is considered an incarnation of God by the Hindu scriptures. Buddhism is for the benefit of the atheists. Buddhism is an atheist religion, but they follow Buddha's athe