Do Italians believe in Buddha?

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Yes and no. Those Italians who hold other or no beliefs don't believe in Buddha. Those Italians who respect Buddhism as a religion believe in Buddha.

What do Buddhas believe?

To start with Buddhists believe in the Four Noble Truths . All life is suffering (Dukkha): All aspect of life are essentially unsatisfactory and cause some degree of suffe

What did Buddha believe?

He had a belief in life after death,karma,dharma,energy,harmony and finding happiness within the soul. Answer: The Buddha's beliefs are summarized in the Four Noble Truths

What did Buddha believe in?

He believed that: . All life contains suffering or unsatisfactoriness . That this undesirable condition is called by desire . That there is an escape form desire and suffe

Why do people believe in Buddha?

The question is a little vague. Most Buddhists don't believe in Buddha in the same way that Christians believe in Jesus. Gautama Siddharta, the historical Buddha, was merely t

Does Buddha believe in medical care?

"Faith healing" is not really a Buddhist tradition, neither is walking around with festering sores that can be treated with antibiotics. As an example HH the Dalai Lama was re

Does South Koreans believe in Buddha?

As in any society South Koreans have many belifs, As far asreligion . 22.8% are Buddhist, . 18.3% are Protestants . 10.9% are Catholics The remainder (50%) are Jeung San

Who did Buddha believe in?

Buddha believed: . All life contains suffering . All suffering is caused by desire . There is a way to escape suffering by eliminating desire . The Eightfold Path is the

Do Buddhists believe only in Buddha?

Buddishists do not belive in one god because they have more than one symbol Answer: Buddhists believe in Buddha in the same way that Americans "believe" in George Washing

Do you believe in Buddha?

Yes, I do believe in Buddha, because Buddha Ji was born in my Country Nepal. It is very easy to believe in actual historic figures like Buddha, Richard the Lion Heart, Mao Z

Do Buddhas believe in one God?

Buddhists are quite varied in their beliefs because "belief" is not required to be a Buddhist. Buddhism teaches that we need to be clear on the difference between what we can

Do Chinese people have to believe in Buddha?

Chinese should not believe in Buddha: I have learned when I was grade 6th that a person that made peace through the world. Jesus was the one who created him and Chinese had

Did Buddha believe in heaven or hell?

Buddhism in general (with exception to certain Buddhist branch's) takes an indifferent stance on the existence of a heaven or hell,as most believe that we create a heaven or h

Do some people believe in Buddha?

Buddha, which is a title that means "Enlightened One", was a spiritual teacher who is believed to have lived 2,500 - 2,600 years ago in South Asia. Buddhism is a religion that

Why don't people believe in buddha?

Probably because they have not been exposed to his teachings. For me, once I had been exposed to his teachings in a open minded manner, his teachings made a lot of sense to me