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Do Italians still spit in their wine to fermentate it?

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Wine can't fermentate with spit.
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How do wine makers prevent air from entering the container of fermenting wine?

It depends upon the method used to make the wine but generally the vessel is sealed and after a period of time (usually 3 to 4 weeks) it is burped this lets the gases produced

How is wine fermented?

Yeast is added to the grape juice and converts the sugar to alcohol and CO2. The CO2 is released and there you have wine.

How do you know the water Jesus turned to wine was fermented?

In John chapter 2 verse 10 the words have well drunk is interpreted in the Greek as "to drink to intoxication " it is word number 3184 in the strongs concordance and is methuo

How do you stop fermentation in wine?

Three options. You can change the temperature. Heating will work however the temperatures required will destroy your beverage. You can also chill to near freezing however fer