Do United Profit sharing corporation coupons have any value?

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Do United Profit-Sharing Corporation Coupons have any value from National Grocery Company, New York, NY. Are these coupons collectible? Should these be archived somewhere? Seeking an answer and/or guidance. Thank you.
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What is a united profit sharing corporation coupon?

Are they worth any money? . These coupons were given when gasoline was purchased back in the1930's. You could order items from a catalog (just like grocerystore stamps). I ha (MORE)

How much is a united profit sharing coupon worth?

I also have one which was inside a package of Queen Regent Toilet Soap made by Swift & Company. I believe this soap package dates from the 1910's, judging by the piture on th (MORE)
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Share of corporations profits paid to the corporations stockholders?

Between 40 and 90 percent of profits go to stock holders as Dividends. This mostly depending on how corporate by laws set up the corporate organization, also what type of fede (MORE)