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What is the SIM card made from?

The majority of SIM cards are made of plastic. Inside that plastic  are gold metal wires that are usually made of plated metal like  tin.

Do you need a memory card if you have a SIM card?

Not necessarily - a 'memory card' is simply additional storage. The  SIM card does all the work of connecting your phone to the network.

Is a microSD card the same as a sim card?

No, a sim card stores numbers, your own phone number, credit, etc. A microsd card is used as storage for media such as songs, photos etc. (non phone-specific things)

Does the env touch have a SIM card?

There is no where to put a sim card in an env touch. Only a micro sd card.

Is a SD Card the same as a SIM Card?

Yes a SD Card is the same as a SIM Card because they both hold memory and back in 2008 - 2010 they used SIM Cards without a SIM Card the phones could not hold memory. Now of d

What is sim card?

A SIM card is a small electronic circuit installed in a mobile  phone or other device, that identifies the device to the network  it's using. A comprehensive explanation (al

Are sim cards memory cards?

yeah pretty much

Is there a SIM card in the Verizon phone?

Newer Verizon Wireless phones that support 4G LTE service do come with SIM cards, but older Verizon phones do not unless they are marketed as a "World Phone"

How do you transfer nextel sim card to a att sim card?

Even though these networks are not compatible, there is a way to transfer the contacts, check out http://sim-reader.com. The program is called SIM Manager, it is compatible wi

What are the sim cards for and what do they do?

Never lose your Sim card. It's very valuable. Your Sim card is basically your memory card, like the ones you use to save your game on video games. It stores all the informatio

How does a SIM card work?

A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card works by storing information about your phone service (e.g. your phone number) so that the phone it is inserted into knows what service

How do you unblock your SIM card?

  If you enter the PIN and PUK code on your phone incorrectly to many times, the sim card will the become blocked. At this point, the only option left is to take it to you