Do You like Barney barney is cool barney is purple hes a big dino?

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Barney is an educational program in the US for children. He teaches manners and morals without reference to religion. There are people who intensly dislike the program and it's inane host. But it does reach children who would otherwise lack social skills.
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Who is Tina Barney?

Answer . \nTina Barney (b. 1945, New York City) is a US photographer best known for her large-scale portraits of the well-to-do denizens of the northeast. Her work is in the collections of the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, New York; the Museum of (MORE)

What to say to Barney?

Barney was a kids show on Cartoonito. But they stopped the show because one of the people who were playing Barney was suffocating in the suit. Barney was played by Carey Stinson but the voice was by Dean Wendt.

Is barney dead?

The character Barney is not dead. As for the person who plays Barney, who knows?Barney was actually played by two people. Carey Stinson was in the suit but the voice was by Dean Wendt. Both of them are still alive.

Who is barney?

Barney is a fictional dinosaur for toddlers. The show "Barney" is the show for toddlers to watch and maybe learn basics for preschool.\n. \n If you have any more to add to this answer, please contact a Supervisor to unprotect it. This is subject to vandalism. .

Did Barney die?

Yes and no. - Barney the Scottish Terrier (pet of GW Bush) -- died at the ageof 12 in 2013 - US actor Don Knotts, who played Barney Fife on the Andy GriffithShow, died age 81 in 2006. - Barney the Purple Dinosaur -- all of the main actors (2 voiceactors) were still alive in 2017 David Joyner (in th (MORE)

Is barney in jail?

yes barney is in jail because he is a dumb butt and rapes little kids

Who is Barney danson?

Barney Danson! He is the one who melested children, shot them, and cussed on t.v. His show is not very educated and he plays a big purple dinosaur that is six feet tall. and is really old right now or even dead!

Is barney real?

Barney is not truly real it's just a man in a costume . Some celebrity's were in Barney like Selena Gomez, Demi Lavoto, and Debby Ryan if you were wondering. . im not sure what that guys talking about but barney is real! I know this because hes my boyfriend!

What color is Barney?

Barney is purple and green. The shade changed from the first season, but he's always been purple and green. He is mostly purple with a green tummy and green spots.

Was Barney arrested?

Barney, as you probably realize, is a costume. Costumes cannot be arrested, although they can be impounded. Barney is not actually played by a single person. There are several people donning the big purple outfit. They are: . David Joyner . Bob West . Tim Dever . Duncan Brannan . Carey S (MORE)

How did Barney get fired?

The producer told him his language and behaviour was unacceptable and his services were no longer required.

What happened to barney?

Well, I guess people working with Barney found him with marijuana and other drugs so the kicked him of the show and out him in jail.

Who are the actors in barney?

Well there are a lot of actors in barney....mostly al the kids who are in it but barney himself is played by david Joyner maybe this link can help you:

Why do people not like Barney?

Dinosaurs are extinct, and there is not evidence they were anthropomorphic or humanoid. There has long been a suppressed, but evident backlash against animal cartoons in some puritanical quarters- they see them as something paganistic akin to Aesop"s Fables- Aesop was a Pagan Greek, so the argument (MORE)

What did Barney get arrested for?

I dont really know but ive been doing reserch but either way YES he did get arrested either for doing drugs or for stepping on a thorn on TV and said a cuss word!

Who likes Barney?

Little kids like barney. I am not a little kid, but i still like barney. Very Little kids, it's basically like a fable but it's a dinosaur and that's why kids understand him a lot better then they understand adults telling them rules and manners.

Is Barney for babys?

barney isn't just for baby's it's for anyone who actually like's the show, not that i do, but just because the people around you hate it doesn't mean you have to hate it

Who made Barney the dino?

The kids television show "Barney and friends" was created by Sheryl Leach of Dalles, Texas, in 1987.

Is Barney a boy?

yes he is an old lady hag and i am god and i shall kill anyone that is a Boston red socks fan. the only thing good about Boston is it's cream pies

Is Barney real'?

If you are talking about the dinosaur, than yes. I herd that he robs houses with the teletubbies.

Can you kill Barney?

yes you can all you have to do is steal his pot and he'll be so depressed he will commute suicide

Who is Barney Calhoun?

Barney Calhoun is a character in the Half-Life series, in Half-Life 1 he was a security guard for the Black Mesa facility. In Half-Life 2, he is working as an inside man for Doctors Isaac Kleiner and Eli Vance, spying on the Combine.

Why is Barney arrested?

Because this little boy accidentally stepped on Barney's foot and he cussed the boy out then threw a chair and stolls at the boy and the director of Barney and friends called the cops on Barney and he got arrested!

How did Barney get arrested?

he punched his derector and i think he stepped on a tack and said f***. but im not sure about the tack thing.

Who is Barney Saltzberg?

Musician and Author of children's stories promoting values amidst difficult circumstances. Has performed through the state department in China and Russia.

How do you kill Barney?

Hire Freddy Kreguer or better yet, Chuck Norris Because they will kill him no matter what because they have goals to kill someone!

What hapened to Barney?

On the last episode he was promoted to Deputy Inspector and received a bowling trophy from the people in his precinct.

Who is the man in the Barney?

The man inside of Barney is not actually a man, it is a Chimpanzee that has the unusual ability to talk. He is also a known molester and is why he on a children's show.

Do you like Elmo or Barney more?

Elmo, is WAY more popular than Barney. First of all, in 2007 Barney was claimed to drop the big F bomb. Elmo is a way better influence than Barney. Second, Elmo is more entertaining than barney for all ages because of the popular stars of all ages staring on the show. i like both i just found t (MORE)

Why did Barney quit?

Barney acctually got fired because he tripped over a wire and said the 'f' word in front of millions of little children all around the world on public television.

What stars were on Barney?

The two stars that were on barney are singer and actress Demi Lovato and singer actress Selena Gomez. They are now best friends.

How do you kill a Barney?

you get a be be gun and a rifle! then you be be him then when he is crying for momma you shot him in the face!

What is have a barney?

To have a barney means to have a row or get into a fight. It is the shortened form of Barney Rubble (Cockney rhyming slang for trouble)

When did Barney the purple Dinosaur premiere?

Barney & Friends is an independent children's television show produced in the United States, aimed at very young children ages 1-8. The series, which first aired in 1992, features the title character Barney , a purple anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex who conveys learning through songs and smal (MORE)

Are there purple dinosaurs that exsisted besides Barney?

It's possible, but not very likely. See, we don't really know what color dinosaurs were. Their skin wasn't fossilized with them- and if they are, the pigments in it die and rot, so color isn't recorded. However, judging from how animals today are colored, we can guess how prehistoric animals looked. (MORE)

Is barney fake?

Barney is technically not fake, because a person used to play Barney, but he is just a main character in a show. Barney may be based on a real animal[not sure which]. Barney seems to just be a person with a weird voice, dressed in a giant costume. No actual talking animals could ever not fake. Hope (MORE)

Why is barney here?

Barney sucks nuts and that is his only wish on earth to have nuts and dick in his mouth

Why is barney bad?

Barney is bad because he got sent to jail for putting drugs in the tail of his costume.

What was Alice p Barney childhood like?

she was born on her great grandmother's couch. until she reached the age of 3 she was accustomed to eating on weird plates and using the worst silver to eat off of. I think that until she was of age to be barney the dinosaur she lived a very poor life. eating 2 slices of bread per day. didn't know i (MORE)

How do you make Barney?

To make Barney one needs to know the right recipe and theingredients required. Use a white cake mix and cut out a Barneypicture from a coloring book and traced the outline of Barney.