Do all Italian women have big boobs?

No, not all Italian women have big boobs, but you must first define what you mean by big boobs. Larger than size 36, American ratings? What cup size, D at a minimum? If you would like a scientific answer you need to define your terms first. Italian cinema has probably given birth to this notion, what with the cinematic fantasies of Fellini and the wonders of Sophia Loren, Gina Lollibrigida, etc. Generally speaking Italian women probably have larger breasts than other European women, and it is probably possible to find statistics to support this thesis. Again, however, please define your terms.
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What is 'big hug' in Italian?

Abbraccione is an Italian equivalent of 'big hug'. It's pronounced 'ahb-brahch-CHYOH-nay'. It's a masculine gender noun whose definite article is 'il' ['the'], and whose indef (MORE)

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What is 'big' in Italian?

Grande is an Italian equivalent of 'big'. It's an adjective that may refer to big men and woman, and to big feminine and masculine objects. It's pronounced 'GRAHN-day'.
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What is the average weight for Italian women?

One study found the average weight of Italian women to be 135 pounds, with younger women being slimmer and women gaining weight as they age.
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What is 'big foot' in Italian?

Zampone is an Italian equivalent of 'big foot'. It's pronounced 'tsahm-POH-nay'. It's a feminine gender noun whose definite article is 'la' ['the'], and whose indefinite artic (MORE)
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Why do Italian women have mustaches?

Most ittalian woman do NOT have mustaches, although people make it seem that way on TV and in movies! And if you are anything like me you may take that as insulting humor!
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Do Italian women shave their armpits?

No, in fact most European women don't shave their arms, legs, pits etc.. Most Italian women don't practice daily bathing rituals either.
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