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Do all TVs with HDMI connections work as monitors?

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Yes, a monitor is a tv screen with no tuner and sometimes no audio built in.
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Does American HDMI work with UK tv?

  Yes.   HDMI is a world wide standard for digital video, however the source component can run at different resolutions and different vertical refresh frequencies. Most

Can you connect your laptop to your tv with a HDMI lead?

Yes, you can in some cases. If your laptop has an HDMI output, a single HDMI lead is all that you will need. Most laptops with an HDMI output also include sound on the connec

How do you connect HDMI PS3 to a hd tv?

You need to get a PS3 HDMI cord or equivalent connected properly from the PS3 to the TV and in the PS3 menu, go to video settings, select video output settings, and it tells y

What do you do if HDMI does not work in your plasma tv?

either check the hdmi cable or unplug and replug. You have to use the correct input format on your tv. Ex: input one is av cables (yellow,red,white) while input 2 is coaxial.

How does an electromagnet work on tv monitors?

a television camera converts the pattern of light it takes in into a pattern of electrical charges. This is scanned line by line by a beam of electrons from an electron gun, r

How do you i record from my mac to a tv connected with a HDMI?

You can record copy-free (non-commercial) video and audio from HDMI using a Mark of the Unicorn HD Express. It connects to your Mac Pro with a PCIe card, or your 17" MacBook P

How do you connect your TV to your laptop through HDMI?

Assuming your TV has a HDMI socket - you basically just need a suitable patch lead. Plugging the HDMI cable into the laptop will tell the computer to re-direct the screen outp

How can an HDMI tv be connected to rca decoder?

The decoder box has to have a HDMI or Component output connectors for you to be able to connect to the tv and get a high def. picture. Most decoders are low quality devices. I

How do you connect Mac computer to HDMI TV?

With an HDMI cable of course.   If the Mac is like my old PowerBook and desktop PowerMac and only  has DVI connectors, then you will need a DVI to HDMI adapter. You  plu