Do all animals hear the same?

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Hello again,
The sounds are heard not just by their tones., but for some they feel the vibrations on the ground and some have the accute sense of smell. it would take me a long time to explain this...go to the local Library and read about it from raptors to todays eagles to the thrree toed sloth. Read listen and learn.

Do all animals hear sounds the same way as humans?

No, some animals have different ways of hearing. An example is a bat, because bats come out at night, they cant really see well so the use something called echolocation which

Do all animals hear the same sounds?

No, all animals are different therefore they will hear different sounds. Sometimes animals hear the same sound from the same animal but never is it all the same.

Can animals hear the same sounds?

The sounds animals can hear is based on the frequency that the certain animal can hear. For example, dog's can hear at much higher frequencies then humans can, so if a sound i

Can all animals hear the same sound?

All animals have different sensitivities of hearing. Different animals hear different sounds. Like a dog. A dog has one of the most sensitive hearing levels. That's what dog w

Do all animals hear sounds?

No, some animals have no ears and cannot truly hear, though they can feel vibrations and respond as though they could hear.
In Bats

Are all bats hearing the same?

Bats are known NOT to hear. They use Radar and Echos to discover things about their prey (Size, Distance Away, What it is, Etc.) But some scientific disclaimers have proof tha

Can all animals hear sounde?

All animals do not hear sounds in the same way as humans. This is because different animals have differences in the way their sensory nerves are set. Some animals like dogs ca

Do all animals hear the same frequencies of sound as human do?

Some animals can hear higher frequencies than humans can. This iswhy animals can hear things like dog whistles, and we can't hearthem. In all, animals can hear differently tha