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Do all animals hear the same?

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Hello again,
The sounds are heard not just by their tones., but for some they feel the vibrations on the ground and some have the accute sense of smell. it would take me a long time to explain this...go to the local Library and read about it from raptors to todays eagles to the thrree toed sloth. Read listen and learn.
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Do all animals have same type of teeth?

Animals do not all have the same type of teeth, some have canines,  molars, or a mix, as animals are carnivorous(meat eaters),  herbivors(plant eaters), or omnivors(meat and

Do all animal cells have the same shape?

According to the pics in Bio text books, yes animal cells are similar in appearance. In reality, animal cells differ depending on function (Ex: nerve cells and muscle cells).

Do all animals eat the same food?

Some animals eat similar food, but not all animals eat the same food It depends on the individual animal. Herbivores: Eat plants Producers: Gain energy from the sun and

Do all animals have the same number of organelles?

Organelles are contained within cells; each cell contains many of them. Some animals may by coincidence have the same number of organelles as another animal, but as a general

Do all animals have the same cells?

Cells between various animal species may differ in shape and function slightly, but the majority are similar.

Do all animal cells look the same?

no because blood, nerve, bone, muscle, and the skin cells all look different. for example: blood cells look like tiny dots and muscle cells look like long stretchy lines

Do all animals hear sound in the same way as humans?

Animals can hear higher frequencies than humans can, thus they can hear more. This is why animals can hear things like dog whistles, and we can't hear them. In all, animals ca

Do all animals have the same number of chromosomes?

No, chromosomes vary from species to species. A species is distinguished by individuals that can mate and have young that are capable of producing offspring. The number of c

Do all animals have the same body density?

No, birds have a very light skeleton which makes their density lower so they can fly. Fish have an air bladder which increases their buoyancy (decreases density) so that fish