Do all bacteria absorb nutrients?

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What absorbs nutrients?

The cells that lines the GI Track into the bloodstream

In which digestive organ are nutrients absorbed?

Nutrients are absorbed throughout the digestive process. Specific nutrients are absorbed in the stomach and large intestines, but the majority of nutrients are absorbed in the

How does bacteria get its nutrients?

Most bacteria consume things already dead. They decompose stuff like shed skin, carcasses, and plant bits such as leaves. These do it by secreting digesting enzymes outside th

What are bacteria using for nutrient in a nutrient agar?

Agar , in agar plates used in culturing bacteria and other microorganisms, consists of a gelling agent, and is an unbranched polysaccharide obtained from the cell walls of som

Which intestines absorb nutrients?

The small intestines are responsible for the main absorption of nutrients for the body.